60 Minutes | Who Is Arnold Van Den Berg? Everything To Know About Anne Frank Betrayer

60 Minutes | Who Is Arnold Van Den Berg? Everything To Know About Anne Frank Betrayer

Arnold Van Den Berg’s Wikipedia is not available but here is what you need to know about Anne Frank’s betrayer.

Anne Frank was a German teenage writer who got popular after her diary got published.

It dates back to the 1940s, during the time of the second world war when the girl wrote everything about her experiences of hiding for two years inside confined rooms.

The Frank family was in hiding in Amsterdam from the Nazi groups but they were arrested by the officers in 1944, two years after they went to the secret rooms.

While she later died in 1945, her brother published the diary to fulfill his sister’s dream of becoming a writer.

Many people read this book, as it is one of the most popular ones, but the fact about the informer who gave their location to the Nazis remained unsolved.

That is until 2016 when a veteran FBI agent took the matter in his hand and listed out possible betrayers.

Among them, the prime suspect was Arnold Van Den Berg.

Arnold Van Den Berg Wikipedia: Anne Frank Betrayer Details

Arnold Van Den Berg, the prime suspect as Anne Frank betrayer, doesn’t have a dedicated Wikipedia bio page.

He was a Jewish businessman in Amsterdam and was a local personality.

When the Nazis invaded the Netherlands, they made him the leader of a group responsible to hand over information about the Jewish people and their hiding place.

Arnold and his group would find out details about the Jewish people in concealment and give the list to the German army in exchange for promised freedom to live in the place.

Besides that, Hitler’s army also promised to not touch Van Den Berg’s wife and children if he did his job properly.

CBS News also covers this fact and says that because of this binding, he gave the address of Frank family’s secret rooms to the Nazis.

It further reports that Arnold living in Amsterdam after the war, being Jewish, while all other Jewish people were taken to Germany, hinted that he was favored by the Nazis.

This fact led to the investigation against the man.

What Was Arnold Van Den Berg Net Worth?

Arnold Van Den Berg’s net worth was probably around $5- $10 million.

He was a wealthy businessman who had flourished his works in the Netherlands.

So, he might have had a pretty good fortune but no official sites contain any clue on this matter.

So, we can only estimate his valuation based on the available information.

Arnold Van Den Berg Wife And Family

Arnold Van Den Berg’s wife and family members’ identities are not revealed to the outsiders.

The 60 minutes documentary as well as other reports mention that Arnold betrayed Anne Frank for the sake of his wife and family.

However, none of them provide their name and other identification details.

Van Den Berg died in 1950 and since then no traces of his family members are discovered.

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Last Modified: January 17, 2022

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