7eth TikTok Age: How Old Tall Is Zeth From TikTok?

7eth TikTok Age: How Old Tall Is Zeth From TikTok?

7eth is a TikTok star who primarily shot to fame doing podcast videos with his two-year-old toddler. At present, he has garnered 263.1k followers on his TikTok account with a total of 7.9 million likes. 

Usually, his content includes deep and emotional conversations with his daughter Saylor about dirtbikes, Disneyland, and lots of singing. This father-daughter duo’s podcast is endearing, fun, and heartwarming to watch. It’s no surprise that his channel became famous within such a short span of time. 

Quick Facts: 7eth TikTok Age: How Old Tall Is Zeth From TikTok?

Name 7eth
Age 20-30
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession TikTok Star
Married/Single Single
Children Saylor
Instagram @7ethofficial
Tiktok @7eth
Twitter @7ethofficial
Youtube 7eth

Outside of TikTok, 7eth is also an active YouTube user. Here, he uploads the longer version of his podcasts. His YouTube is fundamentally in its infancy stage with 3.97k subscribers. 


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10 Facts On 7eth

  1. The famous content creator, 7eth’s age is yet unknown. However, judging by his appearance, he could perhaps be in his mid-20s.
  2. How tall is Zeth? Speaking of his physical appearance, 7eth appears to be of average height. Meanwhile, exact details on his height, weight, and body measurements are yet awaited.
  3. Although he is widely popular as 7eth, his real name happens to be Zeth. It looks as though he just modified his initials “Z” to “7” to make it unique.
  4. While 7eth is the father of a two-year-old named Saylor, he hasn’t revealed the true identity of his baby’s mother. It is apparently unknown as to whether or not, he has any girlfriend as of now.
  5. Speaking of his family, no such details have emerged as yet. The only person we know about is his daughter whom he regularly features on his podcast.
  6. Coming to his social media presence, other than TikTok, 7eth is also available on Instagram. He has acquired 13.5k followers to date.
  7. On Twitter, however, he isn’t as famous. He just has 675 followers as of today.
  8. 7eth hasn’t landed a spot on Wikipedia. Also, his biography hasn’t really been captured by any leading websites yet. Hopefully, our readers take away some interesting facts about him with our article.
  9. His distinct features would include his long blonde wavy hair. He generally scrapes a hat. 
  10. In one of his videos, a user had commented that he looks very much like “Heath Ledger”. 

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