ABC: Who Is Zoe Daniel Husband Rowan Daniel? Former ABC Journalist Announced A Shock Career Move

ABC: Who Is Zoe Daniel Husband Rowan Daniel? Former ABC Journalist Announced A Shock Career Move

Zoe Daniel, a journalist who previously worked for ABC, recently announced her career that surprised everyone. Where Is She From? 

Zoe Daniel has decided to put herself as a candidate in the upcoming federal election of Melbourne, representing her place, Goldstein. After visiting artic, her concern for the climate has increased.

She is focused on the subjects like climate change and integrity, the safety of women in the workplace, and equality in politics with her representation from Goldstein. Likewise, She has come up with the slogan of “Zoe For Goldstein.”

After completing her graduation from the University of South Australia, she was fully dedicated to the career of her interest for the past 30 years, and now her interest races towards politics and people’s service.

ABC: Who Is Zoe Daniel Husband Rowan Daniel?

Zoe Daniel is married to her husband, Rowan Daniel. He is not just a spouse but her best friend and fellow adventurer on top of being the love of her life.

Rowan is a man who belongs to the world of journalism just like his wife. Both the spouses are dearly in love with each other, and they must have been college-time lovers.

Zoe Daniel Age And Wikipedia Bio

Zoe Daniel is 48 years old in 2021. She was born in the 1970s and has continuously worked in journalism for the past 30 years.

Starting to work from the early 20s, only success has touched feet so far. As a child, she was sent to Rosny High School.

Zoe Daniel is not included on Wikipedia yet. But her endeavors to work for climate change and women’s safety will surely make her a part of this informative internet media soon.

She is mostly active on her social media accounts, where she shares her personal life and work.  

Zoe Daniel Children And Net Worth 

Zoe Daniel is the mother of three children that including her son, daughter, and dog. Her son is Arkie, who happens to be 13 years old. Likewise, her daughter Pearl is 12 years old.

The children are taken on outings to sea beaches more often. The children are fond of their father.

Zoe Daniel has an estimated net worth of around $6 million. The primary source of her income is her journalism career. On the other hand, she took the side job of a college lecturer. 

The full stop on her lifelong profession adds questions to her income for sure. But her husband still has significant financial support for the family.

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