How Old Is Abdu Rozik? Everything To Know About The Child Singer

How Old Is Abdu Rozik? Everything To Know About The Child Singer

Abdu Rozik’s fight match with 18-year-old General Vgorode has broken out, and he is a young teenage singer. Let’s find out.

Abdu Rozik is a young teenage singer. 

His presence could be seen mainly on the YouTube channel called Avlod Media which has over 350k subscribers and a hundred and thousands of views.

Furthermore, Abdu credits include Oshiqami, Oh Zor, Ummati, et cetera.

The announcement of the MMA fight between Abdu Rozik and General Vgorode, aka Hasbulla Magomedov, could be seen surfacing on the Tapology site.

Let’s learn more about this talented musician Abdu Rozik who managed to own an impressive fan following.

How Old Is Abdu Rozik? Age And Wikipedia

Abdu Rojik is aged 18 years old, as per data found and calculated from online outlets.

His date of birth is recorded to be in the year 2003; however, we are unaware of his birthday.

Although Abdu Rozik is small in stature, he is older than what his physical looks tell.

Abdu Rozik is yet to have Wikipedia under his name.

As per the life. Ansor site, he hails from Tajikistan and, hence, a Tajik singer. 

Abdu Rozik Parents And Family 

Abdu Rozik was born to parents who reside in Panjakent, a city in Tajikistan. His family works in the gardening sector.

When Abdu was a child, he suffered from illness.

However, due to his parent’s poor financial condition, they had no choice but to leave their son uncured.  

As a result, the non-treatment has affected his height making his growth small.

Is Abdu Rozik On Instagram?

Well, yes, Abdu Rozik is on Instagram. You could find him on IG as @abdu_rozik

With more than 200 posts, he managed to get 594k followers till now on the mentioned social media platform.

He mainly shares pictures and videos with his Avlod Media partners or members like Baron Nabiev, Tamaev Asxab, etc.

What’s more, he also uploads pictures with a Persian MMA fighter named Mohammad Heibati.