Acacia Kersey Presets Scandal With Ash Levi And Apology- Twitter Drama Explained

Acacia Kersey Presets Scandal With Ash Levi And Apology- Twitter Drama Explained

Did Acacia Kersey steal Ashley Levi work? Scroll down to know the story behind their preset scandal on social media. 

Acacia Kersey is a social media personality and Instagram influencer. 

She is the lead singer of the band Watercolor, formerly known as Acacia Brinley. She gained an interest in singing when she was only 2 years old.

Acacia’s older brother, Peyton Clark, is an actor and model. Further, she is married to Jairus Kersey. They began dating in 2015 and tied the knot in April 2018. 

Acacia and Jairus have three children together; two daughters, Brinley and Rosemary, and one son, Cali. 

Furthermore, she first shot to fame through her Tumblr blog page, which she created in seventh grade. Currently, she has more than 2 million followers on Instagram. 

The blogger and social media influencer recently got herself into a serious scandal with fellow influencer Ash Levi. Let’s learn about the scandal in detail below. 

Acacia Kersey Presets Scandal With Ash Levi- Did Acacia Steal Ashley Levi Work? 

Fellow social media influencer-photographer Ash Levi accused Acacia Kersey of stealing her work on social media. 

Ash posted the entire story in a 40-minute video on her YouTube channel. Ash creates presets for Instagram and sells them online to social media users. 

According to Ash, Acacia bought her presets and sold them as her own creation, making thousands of dollars from someone else’s work. 

Ash first noticed she used her preset in one of her pictures. Initially, Ash got excited by the fact a big name used her creation, even though Acacia did not give her any credit for the preset. 

Then, Acacia released a bunch of presets for sale. Ash checked it out and found that six of the presets she was selling were hers. 

Ash confronted the Instagram influencer and called her out for stealing her work and selling it to people. Acacia admitted that she copied her work because she got inspired by it. 

Moreover, Acacia said the work is not exactly similar to hers and that she tweaked it a little. But, Ash said that the preset was hers and she literally copied the exact theme. 

Further, Acacia asked Ash to keep it between them. She said she loved Ash’s work and wanted to create it herself, but did not get any inspiration as she was in a difficult situation at the time.

Acacia claimed she needed the money for her family and requested Ash to not release the news on social media for fear of receiving hate.

Acacia Kersey Apology & Drama Reddit

Following the confrontation, Ash Levi asked Acacia Kersey to apologize for stealing her presets. 

Ash felt she was not taking enough blame and also requested her to return the money to people who bought the presets from her. 

But, Acacia was not entirely on board with the request. She said she would only refund those who ask for it. 

Acacia also released a post on Instagram and apologized to Ash for using her work and showing it as her own. She said she was vulnerable at the time and used Ash’s work. 

Initially, she just used a few pieces of her work, but then she confessed in the now-deleted post, she got greedy and used a few more pieces of her work. 

However, Ash felt she was trying to control the way people were perceiving her and is not apologizing sincerely.