Actor James Spader Weight Gain And Health Problems: Is He Really Sick And Leaving ‘Blacklist’?

Actor James Spader Weight Gain And Health Problems: Is He Really Sick And Leaving ‘Blacklist’?

61-year-old The Balcklist actor James Spader concerned fans when he started gaining weight. Learn more about his life below.

Actor James Spader is infamous for his role as Red in the hit TV series The Backlist.

Red is a stoic criminal that has retired from the world of crime. He helps his detective daughter in solving cases with the insight of a psychopathic mastermind.

But the actor is hiding a sinister disease in plain sight.

Did James Spader Gain Weight?

James Spader concerned fans from his recent weight gain. As the man is already in his 60, he doesn’t require a six-pack ab.

It seems more concerning to fans as he is already suffering from old age and health problems. They could help but ponder that out of all the cast members of The Blacklist, the last ten years have hit Spader the hardest.

James Spader Health Problems Explained: Is He Leaving The Blacklist?

The actor James Spade revealed in an interview that he was diagnosed with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. 

Although the diagnosis was not a serious one, it still became hard to work with him.

His role as Red was perfect as both the actor and the character shared this trait of their personality.

James admitted in his latest interview with Jimmy Fallon that he was not feeling so well.

Mornings come particularly hard for the actor. He added that he could only work during the afternoon.

It s hard to say if Spade is returning for the ninth season of the show. But he will stay connected with the show as he is one of their executive producers.

Blacklist James Spader Wikipedia Details: Is He Bald?

James Todd Spader was born on the 7th of February, 1960. At present, he is 61 years old and grew up in Boston, Massachusetts. Yes, he is bald.

Born to Jean and Stoddard Greenwood, Spader got raised by school teachers. The influence of dominant women in his life left him with a progressive mindset.

The actor sends his childhood hopping from private school to private school, looking for the best institute. 

When he turned 17, he left school to pursue a career in acting.

Does James Spader Have A Wife? Who Are His Children?

James Spader is currently dating actress Leslie Stefason. Leslie is an infamous actress and his co-star in Alien Hunter.

The couple got blessed with one son.

Spade met his ex-wife Victoria Kheel in the 1980s. He was working in a yoga studio when they first exchanged conversations. 

The couple were smitten and got married in 1987. They had two sons but went their separate ways in 2004.

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