AFL: Why Did Coach Hayden Kennedy Resign? His Wife, Salary And Net Worth Details

AFL: Why Did Coach Hayden Kennedy Resign? His Wife, Salary And Net Worth Details

Why did AFL coach Hayden Kennedy resign? Let’s find out the reason behind coach Hayden Kennedy’s resignation.

AFL Umpire coach Hayden Kennedy has decided to resign from his position.

The news was officially announced on 4th May 2021 that Hayden Kennedy would no more be working as the AFL umpire head coach.

After working with the AFL for eight years, Hayden decided to keep down his whistle for a good reason.

A huge number of people are disappointed by the news.

He is associated with the Australian Football League (AFL) since 2013.

In his career, he has been part of many historical games.

However, people are not happy that one of the best personnel from the industry is quitting.

AFL: Why Did Coach Hayden Kennedy Resign?

The exact reason behind Hayden Kennedy’s resignation is still not shared.

But as per some sources online, he is resigning because of exhaustion.

Serving as the umpire for over half a decade, the coach has now decided to take a break and resign from his position.

Hayden Kennedy’s resignation has left a lot of people in shock as it was an unexpected decision.

Furthermore, He has been working as an umpire since 2014.

He made his umpiring debut in 1988. And to date, he has umpired 495 games which also includes five grand finals.

He retired from his position as an umpire in 2011.

After retiring from his position, he served as an assistant coach till he was promoted as the Head coach in 2014.

Hayden Kennedy Wife- Is He Married? 

Hayden Kennedy’s wife is Maree.

Furthermore, He lives a happy life with his wife and three children in his residence in Aberfeldie.

We do not know when Kennedy and Maree tied the knot.

What Is Hayden Kennedy Net Wroth And Salary?

Hayden Kennedy’s net worth is yet to be official.

Just like his net worth, Hayden Kennedy’s salary also remains confidential.

But Hayden Kennedy’s professionalism, passion, and expertise were a big asset to the AFL and umpiring group.

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