How Old Is Aine Canavan? Learn Everything About Peter Canavan Daughter

How Old Is Aine Canavan? Learn Everything About Peter Canavan Daughter

The daughter of Peter Canavan, Aine Canavan, age around 30, is also a professional footballer like her father.

Aine Canavan is a professional footballer who is best known as the daughter of the Irish footballer Peter Canavan.

Besides being a footballer, she is also a professional doctor who later opted to play football rather than working as a doctor in earlier years.

Her father Peter is regarded as one of the most decorated Irish footballers having won two All-Ireland Senior Football Championship medals and six All-Stars Awards as per his Wikipedia.

During his time as a footballer, he was often seen with his children in football matches. His eldest daughter Aine also later decided to move in her father’s footsteps.

Here, we take a look at more of the available personal details and other information about Aine Canavan.

How Old Is Aine Canavan?

Guessing from her appearance, Aine Canavan’s age is thought to be around 28-33 years old.

She is the eldest daughter of Peter Canavan who himself is 50 years old.

Considering this fact and another information that her husband is 30 years old, we can get some idea that Aine’s age might be around the late twenties to early thirties.

Nevertheless, the actual age and birthdate of Aine Canavan is still a mystery and cannot be found on the internet.

Does Aine Canavan Have A Wikipedia?

No. The Irish personality Aine Canavan doesn’t have a dedicated Wikipedia bio to this date.

Nonetheless, several internet sites contain information about the lady even though her complete wiki-bio is still unexplored.

On the other hand, her father Peter does have a pretty big Wikipedia bio of himself that highlights his playing career and also his personal life.

Who Is Aine Canavan Husband?

Aine Canavan is married to her husband Peter Harte.

Peter Harte is also an Irish professional footballer who plays for the Errigal Ciaran club and the Tyrone County team.

As per the article published in The Irish News, Canavan and Harte got married towards the end of 2019.

Furthermore, it also reveals that Aine’s husband is the nephew of her father’s friend and fellow Tyrone member Mickey Harte.

Aine Canavan Family Details

Discussing her family, Aine Canavan was born as the eldest child to her father Peter Canavan and her mother Finola.

Besides her parents, the other members of her family are her younger siblings named Claire, Darragh and Ruairi.

Apart from her parental family, Aine also has a child, a baby girl that she welcomed in October of 2020.

What Is Aine Canavan Net Worth?

The Irish footballer and doctor, Aine Canavan is believed to have a decent net worth of around $100k – $1 million.

Unfortunately, the official sources are yet to confirm her exact net worth value. Thus, we can only estimate her net worth figure based on her career achievements and involvement.

LIkewise, Aine’s father Peter’s official net worth value is also unexplored but he is thought to have around $5 million in wealth.