Aleksandra Pawlicka Wikipedia: Everything To Know About

Aleksandra Pawlicka Wikipedia: Everything To Know About

Aleksandra Pawlicka’s Wikipedia bio is not aired online. But, here are some of the interesting facts relevant to Jacek Pawlicka’s wife.

Aleksandra Pawlicka is wife of Jacek Pawlicki and the journalist at Newsweek.

Veteran journalist Alexsandra is also a well-known author all over Poland. Her husband, Jacek is among the group of major bodies in Newsweek for many years.

The duo has been leaving its mark in the world of journalism for a long time. Much information is available on Jacek Pawlicki, this read basically focuses on the life of Aleksandra Pawlicki.

Aleksandra Pawlicka Wikipedia

Aleksandra Pawlicki is not published on Wikipedia despite being a popular celebrity spouse.

Apart from being the wife of Jacek Pawlicki, Aleksandra has created her distinct image.

Pawlicka worked with the BBC section in Poland. Now, as the head of the foreign department in Newsweek, she has traveled to more than 60 countries by now.

Apart from that, she is also a well-known author all over the country. Seven Times In The World, Swiatoholicy are some of the top reads of Aleksandra Pawlicka. 

Aleksandra Pawlicka Age And Height

Well, the exact age of Aleksandra Pawlicka is not aired online, but she seems to fall in the age range of 50-60 in her images.

Her husband Jacek Pawlicki is 55 years of age and it seems there is not much age difference between Jacek and Aleksandra.

Talking about Aleksandra’s height she seems to stand 5 feet 6 inches in her recent photographs.

Aleksandra Pawlicka Husband

Aleksandra Pawlicka is married to her husband, Jacek Pawlicki, who is the head of the world department in Newsweek.

Born in 1966, Jacek entered journalism in 1991. Furthermore, Aleksandra’s husband is also a passionate traveler and photographer. 

He has been making blogs since 2008, relevant to his travel stories and life experiences which are liked by many of his fans.

Aleksandra Pawlicka Net Worth

Aleksandra Pawlicka’s net worth is a subject of interest for many people, however, she has managed to keep it a secret for a long time. 

Based on her fame and popularity, it seems she has allocated a net worth of at least $1 million.