Who Is Alen Hadzic? Olympic Fencer Suspended For Sexual Misconduct

Who Is Alen Hadzic? Olympic Fencer Suspended For Sexual Misconduct

Olympian Alen Hadzic does not have an official Wikipedia. But, he was suspended from the Olympics following allegations of sexual misconduct. 

Alen Hadzic is a professional Olympic fencer. 

In addition, Hadzic is a CEO and co-founder of ‘Take the Lead Inc’, which serves in the pharmaceutical industry. 

He is also an independent consultant at AH Strategy Group. He joined the firm in July 2018 and is still associated with the firm.

Who Is Alen Hadzic? Wikipedia Bio

Alen Hadzic is a fencer. entrepreneur, and businessman. 

Mr. Hadzic joined Columbia University in New York, where he majored in Economics. Afterward, he obtained his master’s degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Vlerick Business School. 

Formerly, Alen was a clinical research analyst at Columbia University and NYSORA, respectively. 

Between 2013 and 2016, he served in the United States senior world travel team. He also worked as a strategy consultant as part of his master’s program internship at Wolters Kluwer Transport Services. 

He was qualified to play in the United States Olympic adn Paralympic Committee. he was a replacement for the 2021 men’s epee Olympic team. 

Alen Hadzic Is Suspended After Sexual Abuse Allegations

Alen Hadzinas was temporarily suspended from playing in the Olympics after he was accused of sexual misconduct by three different women. 

He was later cleared of his suspension last month. He was allowed to join the U.S. Olympic fencing team and traveled to Tokyo for the game. 

However, the USA Fencing is now restricting his movement in Tokyo. Hadzic is not allowed to stay with the team at the Olympic Village.

But, he can stay at a nearby hotel from the Olympic Village. 

Hadzic is also not allowed to go anywhere and should stay at his hotel when he is not playing or training. 

Several team members have acquiesced ti o suspend him from the game. His lawyer said that some female teammates do not want to play with him. 

Hadzic, on the other hand, has maintained the allegations are false and baseless and expressed his disappointment over the Olympic experience. 

Alen Hadzic Wife- Who Is He Married To?

Alen Hadzic may or may not have a wife. 

The Olympic fencer has kept his personal life extremely private, so it’s difficult to determine if he is single or in a committed relationship

Moreover, there is also no info about his parents and family members on the media. 

What Is Alen Hadzic Age?

Alen Hadzic’s age is 29 years old. 

Nevertheless, Alen’s precise birthdate remains off the web currently.

Alen Hadzic Net Worth & Salary Explored

Fencer Alen Hadzic’s net worth and salary are not yet disclosed. 

He is a well-known fencer and is a two-time state champion and a three-time regional champion.

Hence, he may have made decent money from his career over the years.