Alex Merkin

Alex Merkin

Alex Merkin is a popular film director, editor, and producer.

As a matter of fact, he has 18 credits as a director. At present, he is known for his works in “Discover Indie Film”, “Pups Alone”, “Objekt 23”, etc.

Due to his works and consistency, Daily Variety gave him the title of “talent to watch”. He entered the movie industry as a potential director through a short film “Across the Hall” in 2006.

Quick Facts:

Name Alex Merkin
Age 25-35
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Film Director
Education Boston University College of Communication
Instagram @alex_merkin
Twitter @AlexMerkin

10 Facts On Alex Merkin

  1. Alex Merkin lacks a Wikipedia. But, we have collected all the possible details about this talented director.
  2. Alex Merkin’s age appears to be between 25-35 years. Until the date, he hasn’t disclosed his date of birth and zodiac sign. 
  3. Alex Merkin hasn’t uttered a word on if he has a girlfriend or not. His dating life details are mysterious. So, it is hard to conclude anything until he provides a hint.
  4. Moreover, the film director does have an Instagram account, but it is set to private. As of now, he has over 1 thousand followers.
  5. Moving on to Merkin’s net worth facts, he hasn’t revealed a single detail. With the projects he has worked on, we can presume that he makes a good sum of money as a thriving film director.
  6. Film director Alex Merkin comes from an illustrious family. However, exact details regarding her parents and family aren’t available on the internet.
  7. Alex seems to stand at a height resembling an average American man.
  8. For now, his married life and wife’s details remain confidential.
  9. Alex Merkin graduated from Boston University College of Communication. In 2006, he began his career as a film director.
  10. Some of his recent directing projects are “Objekt 23”, “Pups Alone”, “The Art of Murder”, “No Escape Room”, etc.

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