Who is Alexandra Cosson TikTok? Partner’s Stabbing & Viral Video On Twitter

Who is Alexandra Cosson TikTok? Partner’s Stabbing & Viral Video On Twitter

Alexandra Cosson TikTok from Josselin has reportedly been stabbed and murdered by her childhood friend. Is it true? Let’s disclose the viral video on Twitter.

Alexandra Cosson, a 30-year-old woman, used to record herself on social media every day. This gorgeous, blue-eyed brunette published her incredible dancing videos and lip-syncing to love music clips on Tiktok, one of the most popular apps these days.

She had no idea it would cost her her life. Let’s look into who Alexandra Cosson from TikTok was and who killed her by digging into this topic.

Josselin: Who Was Alexandra Cosson TikTok? Wikipedia Biography

Alexandra Cosson of Josselin, better known as TikToker, is not included on Wikipedia. However, we have some information on the social media influencer that our readers might find interesting.

Alexandra Cosson spent the evening with her sister on September 11, 2020. She uploaded a video of herself leaving her sister’s residence, stating she was headed home. The video was seen by a large number of people, including Pierre.

Alexandra had encountered Pierre by chance while shopping, and he was a childhood acquaintance of hers. Pierre used to keep a careful eye on her account and utilized the occasion to ask her over for a drink.

Alexandra had no idea what was about to happen to her and was completely unaware. Something happened at Pierre’s residence late at night, and the next morning he contacted the police department and confessed to Alexandra’s murder.

Moreac: Partner’s Stabbing & Viral Video On Twitter

People are expressing their displeasure with Pierre on Twitter, and the show’s famous video, Criminal Investigations, is circulating.

After confessing to Alexandra’s murder, the guy reveals that he would have spent many hours removing the blood traces. And he would have returned his victim’s automobile to her house in the early hours before sending a buddy an SMS stating, “Alex has gone home”

His friend’s body, on the other hand, remained at home, wrapped in a carpet and exhibiting the scars of several strikes, some of which were stabbed. The factual assertion is damning. Despite all odds, Pierre will eventually plead guilty to homicide by accident.

Alexandra allegedly went down the steps before taking a knife and killing herself, according to him. He would have accidentally wounded her by attempting to take the knife from her grip.

Unfortunately, much information about the murder case remains a mystery. However, we are working hard to gather as much information as possible so that we can keep our readers up to date as quickly as possible.

Alexandra Cosson Age – How Old Was The TikToker?

Alexandra was 30 years old when she died, according to some web sources. She was a well-known TikToker with a cheerful demeanor.

Her actual date of birth, however, is not mentioned on the internet. Her admirers and family have been heartbroken since she left the world at such a young age.

May her lovely spirit find rest in peace.

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Last Modified: January 20, 2022

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