Who Are Alexandre Benalla Parents? Origin And Net Worth Details Of The French Presidential Bodyguard

Who Are Alexandre Benalla Parents? Origin And Net Worth Details Of The French Presidential Bodyguard

The French Businessman, Alexandre Benalla’s parents, are from Morocco. Learn more about his May Day protest actions in the article below.

Alexandre Benalla is a former security guard for French President Emmanuel Macron as well as a businessman.

Alexandre lost his job as a security guard when the video of his unpleasant actions of beating two protestors was released. And, he was also rumored to be Macron’s gay lover.

Recently, on 13th September, he faces trial for assaulting two people in a May Day protest by posing as a police officer. This incident took place in 2018, and after 3 years, he is being charged with it along with other offenses he has committed.

Who Are Alexandre Benalla Parents? His Origine

Alexandre Benalla’s parents are originally from Morocco.

According to some sources, his parents are Moroccan immigrants, which means that his roots are Moroccan. He is white french.

As per the sources, Alexandre never revealed details about his family, like his parent’s names and what do they do for a living.

He was secretive about his family. A former friend of Alexandre said that he never talked about his father.

As he never spoke about his father, people around him were under the impression that his mother has raised him alone. We are not sure that this information is correct or not.

At the age of 19, he joined the Movement of Young Socialists through his mother’s connection. Later on, he met Eric Plumer, nicknamed Jaurès, and former head of the party’s security service in 2010.

After that, he went on his journey and became a security guard for French President Emmanuel Macron.

Due to the May Day scandal, he had to leave the bodyguard job. Later on, it was reported that he went on trips for his consulting business by using diplomatic passports and will also be charged for carrying an illegal gun. Although he denied the charges, he will be facing it.

Alexandre Benalla Salaire And Fortune

Information about his salary and the fortune he has earned till now has not been updated yet.

However, according to the sources, his net worth is around $45,000.

How Old Is Alexandre Benalla? Age Revealed

Alexandre Benalla is 26 years old.

He was born on 8th September 1991. He grew up in Evreux, situated in the Eure in Normandy.

Is Alexandre Benalla Married?

It is unclear that whether he is married or not.

Some sources say that he is married, but the sources seem to be unreliable. And Alexandre has not revealed any information about his family members and whether he has children or not.

Information about his marital status will be uploaded soon.

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