Alison Keenan

Alison Keenan

Alison Keenan is a dynamic TV and radio presenter well-known as the nighttime host for QVC, a popular shopping channel. Her job requires her to present and sell a wide range of products including beauty, electronics, jewelry, and fashion. Her career started at the tender age of 16 when she landed a job in the public affairs department of a petroleum company. 

From there, she got a start as a radio presenter. She co-hosted a mid-morning show for Beacon Radio. With the rise in her popularity, she transitioned to the TV. For a brief amount of time, she worked at ITV as its substitute anchor before landing a spot at QVC in 2000. Moreover, Keenan has also worked as a professional voice-over artist and most recently turned author with the publication of her first book. 

Quick Facts: Alison Keenan
Name Alison Keenan
Age late 50s
Gender Female
Nationality England
Profession TV Presenter
Net Worth $600,000
Married/Single Married
Husband Colin Elsworth
Children 3
Divorce Stephen Rhodes
Instagram alikeenan1
Twitter @alikqvc

10 Facts on Alison Keenan

  1. Although her career may have begun a long time back, Alison Keenan rose to fame as a nighttime host for QVC. 
  2. At present, she does not have Wikipedia. However, we hope to provide some interesting facts about her through our article here. 
  3. As of now, her exact birth date remains a secret. She could possibly be in her late-50s. 
  4. As claimed by networth post, Keenan has an estimated net worth of $600,000
  5. On 26th June 2015, Keenan got married to her husband, Colin Elsworth. From her previous marriage, she has three grown-up children. 
  6. She has garnered about 6191 followers on her Instagram account. Despite her age, she appears to be leading a fun and happening lifestyle.
  7. The QVC presenter also has a Twitter account with 12.9k followers. 
  8. In the past, she battled breast cancer. On a positive note, she conquered it. 
  9. She is defying age as she looks hip, young, and fashionable on-camera. She sports a bob-blonde hairstyle. 
  10. Her hobbies include writing, cooking, traveling, eating out, and going to the theatre. To keep her fit, she walks thrice a week and also does Pilates.