How Old Is Allegra Spender? Everything On Her Age, Family And Net Worth

How Old Is Allegra Spender? Everything On Her Age, Family And Net Worth

Judging from her pictures and tenure, Allegra Spender’s age appears to be around 40-50 years old.

With fashion icon Carla Zampatti’s passing, sympathy and condolences are in order for her and her family members. As viewers are well aware of her, they also have begun taking interest in her children’s life.

Thus, here we explore one of her daughters, Allegra Spender’s personal and business life.

Allegra Spender is the chair of the Sydney Renewable Power Company and a director of Carla Zampatti. Likewise, she has also acted as the CEO of the Australian Business and Community Network (ABCN) since 2017. 

Quick Facts:

Name Allegra Spender
Age 40-50
Gender Female
Nationality Australian
Profession Designer
Parents Carla Zampatti
Net Worth under review
Education University of Cambridge
Facebook @allegra.spender

Allegra Spender Age And Wikipedia

Allegra Spender’s exact age is unknown. In a guess, Spender seems to be 40-50 years old if judged by her images.

There is no individual Wikipedia addressed to Allegra Spender. Fortunately, Allegra’s name is featured on her unbelievably talented mother Carla Zampatti’s wiki page. 

Allegra’s mother Carla died at age 78 following her fall and loss of consciousness at the Opera in Sydney as per ABC.

More on her family, she has a biological sister named Bianca from Carla and her former husband, John Spender. Bianca also follows her mother Carla’s steps to designing and established herself as a successful designer. 

Likewise, her family also comprises her older half-brother, Alexander Schuman.

How Much Carla Zampatti Daughter Is Worth? 

Carla Zampatti’s daughter Allegra Spender’s net worth estimation is still under review.

However, we did come across Carla’s net worth and found it to be $16 million as per Idol Networth.

If made an assumption from Allegra’s career ranging from business/policy analyst to consultant, managing director, and CEO, she must have earned a pretty hefty sum. 

Who Is Allegra Spender Married To?

We are clueless on whom Allegra Spender is married to. Unlike her mom, Carla’s flashy love life, Allegra Spender’s personal life is much more reserved. 

Unless it comes to her professional life, Allegra has not let out a thing about her romantic life. She has maintained strict privacy on her relationship status, thus, we are unaware of her boyfriend/husband and children’s details.

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