Photographer: Who Is Allira Cornell? -Meet Her Father John Cornell And Mother Delvene Delaney

Photographer: Who Is Allira Cornell? -Meet Her Father John Cornell And Mother Delvene Delaney

Who is Allira Cornell? Here is everything you need to know about the photographer who is the daughter of renowned Australian celebrities. 

Allira Cornell is an Australian photographer who is most likely based in Australia. 

However, more than for her career as a photographer, Allira is recognized because of her parents, who are famous Australian personalities. 

The web and media are trending with news regarding the death of her father, because of which people are also eager to find out more about Allira. 

After the death of her father, people are looking at his family conditions, people who are related to him, and their whereabouts. 

Hence, Allira, one of her father John Cornell’s beloved family members, has become a matter of public concern. 

Indeed, concerns regarding her relationship with her father and mother, her age, Instagram, and other related matters are at their peak. 

Who Is Allira Cornell? Her Age And Wikipedia

Allira Cornell’s age is currently about 40-45 years old. 

However, her exact date of birth or age has not been revealed yet. 

Based on her appearance and the fact that she is the eldest daughter, among her 2 sisters aged 35 and 31, we have estimated her age range. 

Regarding Wikipedia, she is not mentioned on the platform since she is just a common personality recognized as a renowned family member. 

She is mentioned on the Wikipedia page of her father and mother. 

Moreover, Allira is a photographer as a professional, but there is not much available regarding her, apart from this fact. 

Born and raised in Australia, she was the only child of John, who was still in Australia and was together with him at his death. 

Allira Cornell Father And Mother

Allira Cornell was born to her late father, John Cornell, and her mother, Delvene Delaney. 

Regarding her father, he was an iconic Australian film producer who was recognized by a majority of people in the cinema industry. 

It is her father that has made her sudden appearance on the media. John Cornell died today at the age of 80 due to Parkinson’s disease, and her eldest daughter has become a matter of public concern. 

Regarding her mother, Delvene Delaney, she is also a very popular Australian actress and TV personality. 

Allira’s parents gave birth to 3 children; the eldest one is Alira, their second daughter Melissa Cornell, and their youngest child Liana Cornell. 

Being born to both renowned Australian celebrities has made Allira a famous person. 

Meet Allira Cornell On Instagram

Allira Cornell is not on Instagram. 

She is on Facebook under the username Allira Jessica Cornell. 

Here, She has recently posted about the death of her father.