How Old Is Allyson Gofton From Food In A Minute? Meet The New Zealand’s First Food Influencer

How Old Is Allyson Gofton From Food In A Minute? Meet The New Zealand’s First Food Influencer

New Zealand’s first food influencer and Food in a Minute host, Allyson Gofton is aged 59 years. 

Allyson Gofton is a renowned food influencer, blogger, and cookbook author. She is known for her delicious recipes of Kiwi and other foods.

Gofton is also a media personality as she has appeared in various TV and radio programs. She is an experienced chef and has been cooking for over 3 years.

Allyson has penned more than 20 books. But she is noted for Country Calendar Homestead BakingI, Slow CookerI, and The Baker’s Companion.

Further, Gofton inspired many other people to make their career as an influencer.

Allyson Gofton Age: How Old Is Food In A Minute Host?

Food in a Minute host, Allyson Gofton is 59 years old in 2021.

She has not shared her birthday details. But she has New Zealander nationality and is based in Auckland and France.

Over the years, Allyson has aged beautifully and lived a wonderful life.

Allyson Gofton Husband & Children

Allyson Gofton is married to her husband, Warwick.

She met the man while she was writing her first book and was going through a bad divorce. She wanted a flatmate to help her ease to pay lawyer bills.

Gofton and Warwick shared a flat, fell in love, and tied the knot. As of now, they are happily married for about 27 years.

Allyson shares two beautiful children with her spouse. 

She conceived her son, Jean-Luc from IVF at the age of 42. Later on, she got pregnant with her daughter, Olive-Rose.

Gofton welcomed both babies in her 40s and parented them well.

Allyson Gofton Wiki Explored

Food blogger and influencer, Allyson Gofton’s bio is not yet featured on a Wiki.

Allyson was raised in Auckland, New Zealand. She attended a local school and university and began working as a food writer.

Gofton’s 20s were full of surprises. While working as a food writer under Robyn Martin, her engagement fell off.

Allyson tried to escape the pain and moved to Wellington at 24.  She decided to become a flight attendant but after a week, she changed her mind.

Gofton rang her former boss and asked for her position back. She continued with the articles and became a self-blogger. Moreover, she turned out as NZ’s first food influencer.

Allyson wrote her first cookbook, Great New Zealand Baking Book. In a short time, she became a favorite writer for many food lovers out in the world. 

Meet The NZ’s First Food Influencer On Instagram

Allyson Gofton is not active on Instagram.

But she has a personal website and a Facebook page. Her blog post is followed by many people. However, she has only 3.7K followers on her Fb page.