Did Amanda Batula Go Through A Weight Loss Journey To Fit In Her Wedding Dress?

Did Amanda Batula Go Through A Weight Loss Journey To Fit In Her Wedding Dress?

Amanda Batula has gone through weight loss and her transformation stories could be found in the virtual world. Keep reading to learn more about the reality TV actress.

Amanda Batula Is A Reality TV Star.

The Summer House star is recently on the headlines after letting her fans take a peek at her honeymoon photo album.

Amanda Batula Weight Loss: Does She Fit In Her Wedding Dress?

Amanda Batula has opened up about her weight loss journey in the media before.

The actress has been very open about her body transformation over the past several years and has significantly lost some weight. She has revealed that at the Season 2 of Summer House, which was also her first official season, she was actually at her heaviest as per Bravo TV.

And, yes, Amanda Batula fits in her wedding dress perfectly. her white wedding dress accentuated her slim and svelte body with ease. And, the proof can be clearly seen on the wedding pictures she shared with her groom Kyle Cooke on Instagram.

She did not even have any idea about how much she weighed before because she refused to step on a measuring scale back then. As she could not fit into her clothes, she even had her whole wardrobe changed at that period.

But, the actress is pretty much sure that she might have reduced around 15 to 20 pounds, i.e. 6 to 9 kgs to get to the now original shape with her proper balanced diet intake and exercises.

Well, one thing to be clear is that when talking about heaviest, it was not like Batula was really heavy but, she gained weight very evenly and the fat was contained in her cheeks too, which made her look slightly chubby.

Amanda Batula Height And Age

Amanda Batula’s height is noted as 5 feet 4 inches as found in the online sources.

The reality star Amanda Batula is aged 30 years old as of January 2022. Well, her full date of birth is noted as the 24th of July, 1991.

Meet Amanda Batula On Instagram

Unsurprisingly, Amanda Batula is on Instagram owning a verified user account.

Her presence and activeness are not to be underestimated as she has uploaded more than 1200 posts and over 500,000 followers on the IG world.

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