Amanda Martinez From Temple Texas Viral Video, Who is The Soup Women?

Amanda Martinez From Temple Texas Viral Video, Who is The Soup Women?

Texas has seen a new case of Battery by a woman named Amanda Martinez who is also been called a Soup Woman. 

Texas has always seen many cases of battery and assault.

But the latest case is not yet been reported by many media houses where a woman was lashing out at a cashier. 

These types of news are much more popular on Reddit and that is the reason people find it hard to get to know about it. 

The woman named Amanda Martinez was lashing out over a cashier for small reasons over a soup not being made properly. 

Amanda Martinez From Temple Texas Soup Case-Was She Arrested?

No, as of now, there are no reports of Amanda Martinez being arrested. 

People over Reddit are been lashing out over Amanda, and are demanding her arrest.

But the problem of a minor soup mistake seems to be too small for an arrest. 

Yet, these are just the opinion about the people, and as there are no official statements from the police department. 

Also, it is not yet known that if the cashier has reported against Amanda Martinez, the woman who was assaulting her over a soup. 

Amanda Martinez Family Details

Amanda Martinez is a normal pedestrian and not a celebrity. 

So as of now, there is not much news or reports about her family and others. 

She became popular only over Reddit as her video from the CCTV went viral of assaulting a woman. 

Detials about her family might soon be uploaded on the height zone. 

Amanda Martinez-What Did She Do? 

Amanda Martinez is the woman who is now popular as a soup woman, who was lashing out over a woman at the counter. 

The reason for lashing out was because her soup which she ordered contain a piece of plastic.

And because of that reason, Amanda became angry and started to lash out over the woman who was at the counter. 

Even though the people by her side were talking calmly, she was just like a woman with rage, according to CCTV. 

People over Reddit have called her the soup woman. 

They are also showing their rage over Amanda as the video went viral. 

The video over Reddit has got over more than 1.2k comments, where all of them are asking for her arrest. 

Amanda Martinez Wikipedia And Age

Amanda Martinez is a normal day woman who was found in CCTV footage, whose age seems to be around 25-35 years old. 

Due to fewer visuals from the CCTV, it is hard to say anything about Amanda. 

She is a tall woman with white ethnicity and blonde hair. 

Other than that there are not many details about her education or her personal information. 

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