Amin H. Nasser Net Worth 2020 – How Rich Is CEO of Saudi Aramco?

Amin H. Nasser Net Worth 2020 – How Rich Is CEO of Saudi Aramco?

Amir H. Nasser is the CEO of Saudi Arabia States. It is a company of oil refining. The company was formed in 1993. The company extracts refine oils as well as chemicals. The company has 65,000 workers all around the world. Nasser is the president of the company since 2015.

He was born in 1960. He is 60 years old now. Nasser was graduated from King Fahd University. He has done a bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering and mineral.

Nasser went to Washington DC in 1999 for further studies. He also attended Columbia University. He is also Industry Advisory Councilor at Saudi Aramco and International Business Council since 2008. He is also a trustee for King Abdullah University.

Also in IBC (International Business Council), Nasser is a trustee. Nasser gives equal opportunity to boys and girls. As only 1 fifth of the women is employed in Saudi Arabia. In 2018 he appointed Elsenhans as the first woman to be in the board of directors in Aramco’s. 

Quick Facts: Amin H. Nasser Net Worth 2020 - How Rich Is CEO of Saudi Aramco?
Name Amin H. Nasser
Birthday 1960
Age 60
Gender Male
Nationality Saudi Arabian
Profession CEO
Net Worth more than US$5 million
Education King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals
Twitter Amin H. Nasser

10 Facts about Amin H Nasser

  1. Amir H. Nasser is 60 years old and is CEO of the company Saudi Aramco since 2015.
  2. Nasser has done his graduation in Petroleum engineering and minerals from King Fahd University.
  3. Before appointed in Aramco he was in the leadership position of a different company.
  4. He was appointed as manager in Ras Tanura in 1997 and later became the manager of Northern Area production.
  5. He is also the advisor of Saudi Aramco since 2015 and also International Business Council. He is a board member of different universities and companies.
  6. He was rewarded as Gold medalist in 2015 at Charles F Rand Memorial for his excellent petroleum and metallurgy achievements.
  7. In 2017 he was awarded as SPE Lifetime achievement. He was given that program for his membership in SPE.
  8. He is hoping to export the oil by 2030.
  9. Nasser gives equal opportunity to boys and girls. He appointed Elsenhans as one of the board of directors.
  10. Nasser is an outstanding boss and also has decision-making skills for the company.

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