Aniko Bollok

Aniko Bollok

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  1. 10 facts on Aniko Bollok

Aniko Bollok is a daughter of famous American TV Personality Darcey Silva and her ex-husband Frank Bollok. Her mother is now 45 years old and still is making popular appearances on popular series 90 Day Finance. 

Quick Facts: Aniko Bollok
Name Aniko Bollok
Gender Female
Nationality American
Ethnicity white
Profession Social media influencer
Parents Darcey Silva and Frank Bollok
Siblings Aspen Bollok
Married/Single Single
Instagram aniko.bollok

Aniko has a sister named Aspen and they are twins. About her professional career she has successfully used her mother’s name and now is a social media Influencer. She is also a popular star on TikTok who regularly uploads videos. 

10 facts on Aniko Bollok

  1. Aniko Bollok is a famous personality who lives in America. Her birthdate is still unknown. Also, her weight and height are yet to be known.
  2. Bollok sisters have a joint account on Cameo where they make videos for $25. She is becoming popular day by day.
  3. Arniko is in her teenage life but she has done a lot of travel inside and outside the country. This proves that she is a fund of traveling.
  4. No matter how popular you are people always have something to tell about you so is in the case of Aniko she was accused for her inappropriate behavior for someone her age.
  5. According to the source, it is believed that Aniko is going to complete her graduation by 2020. 
  6. She has got more than ten thousand followers on her TikTok account and also more than 22 thousand followers on her Instagram account. 
  7. Like we already said earlier, Aniko has already started her business journey she is the brand ambassador of the company named Beauty Kitchen.
  8. Although she is fond of traveling it is said that she is also very fond of listening to live music. Aniko is never afraid of speaking the truth while her mother and her ex were having problems she openly gave her opinion in that situation.
  9. Her father had also made an appearance on the TV reality show when Aniko and her twin sister was in the show The Twin Life their father also helped his daughter by giving his presence on the show.
  10. Despite being a teenager she is very wise person in the show her mother talked about Aniko by saying that Aniko is the first person she speaks to when she faces a problem.




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