How Old Is Antoine Marchand Gagnon? Learn Everything About The Canadian Actor

How Old Is Antoine Marchand Gagnon? Learn Everything About The Canadian Actor

Antoine Marchand Gagnon is a young actor whose age has been a mystery. To know more about his life, continue reading this article.

Antoine Marchand Gagnon is a Canadian professional known for the movies; Off (2019), Genesis (2018), and Milo (2017).

He has just been to his acting career for the past three years and he has already been featured in a movie with an average 8.1 out of 10 IMDB rating, which is good for his further works.

Antoine Marchand Gagnon Wikipedia: What Is His Age?

Unfortunately, Antoine Marchand Gagnon’s age has not been revealed yet.

However, from some of the sources, they have guessed that his age lies between 15 to 20. Although we are not sure about his age yet and he seems to look very young.

He has just come into the limelight, still, few websites write about him.

Further information about his age will be uploaded soon.

Who Are Antoine Marchand Parents?

There is no information about Antoine’s parents and family.

Details about his father’s name and mother’s name are absent. Similarlu, we don’t know what his parents do for a living and whether he has siblings or not.

We can guess that his parents must be very supportive of his career and must be proud of him.

What Is Antoine Marchand Gagnon Net Worth?

From the sources, the estimated net worth of Antoine Marchand Gagnon is $500,000.

However, these sources are not reliable and we do not have exact information about his net worth yet and how much this young actor makes.

As soon as we get trustworthy sources and information about his net worth on the Internet, we will update you with the details.

Details On His Ethnicity And Girlfriend

Antoine Marchand Gagnon might have a girlfriend.

According to his Instagram post, he had a picture with a girl and he had captioned “that queen” and in the comment section, she replied saying “my king” and Antoine further replied in french saying “I love you, my love”.

This post was from November 2019, they may or may not be together and if you want to check out the girl’s Instagram then her Instagram id is Although she has a private account you can give it a try.

Furthermore, Antoine’s Instagram handle is antoine_marchand_gagnon, and it is public with 6, 226 followers.

We have noticed that Antoine knows french and in his social media, he has written in French although he is a Canadian. It seems that he has a French heritage, as Antoine seems so much familiar with the French language.