AFL: Who Are Anton Tohill Parents? -Meet The Footballer On Instagram

AFL: Who Are Anton Tohill Parents? -Meet The Footballer On Instagram

Anton Tohill’s parents are proud of his achievements. Meet his athlete father and beautiful mother.

Anton Tohill is an emerging football player who played for Collingwood FC as a rookie.

As of now, he is set to debut for AFL on 23 July 2021.

Tohill was a former player at Derry. In 2018, he was taken by Collingwood FC for 2 years. He was signed for another 1 year in December of 2020.

Who Are Anton Tohill Parents? Meet His Father: Anthony

Anton Tohill was raised in Ireland by his amazing parents.

Tohill has an athlete father named Anthony.

Anthony is an ex-footballer who played for the Derry County team in its leagues and championships.

Likewise, he is a former chief executive at Mid Ulster District Council.

We do not have any lead regarding the professional details of his mom. But she is probably a housemaker.

AFL: Anton Tohill Age And Wiki

As of July 2021, Anton Tohill’s age is 21 years old.

He was born in 1999 and blows the candle on 14 December. He has a sun sign of Sagittarius and Irish nationality and ethnicity.

With Tohill’s increasing progress, it is sure that his Wiki will soon be published.

He started playing football at a young age. He took some training from his dad. Then, he joined the junior team of Derry FC.

In 2018, Anton got a break after signing a two-year deal with Collingwood. His contract expired in December 2020, but it was renewed for 1 more year. 

Recently, Tohill is creating a buzz after he was selected for the Australian Football League (AFL). He will debut from the match on 23 July 2021.

What Is Anton Tohill Salary?

As per The Age, Anton Tohill earns a salary ranging from $85,000 to $105,000.

He has previously signed deals with Derry and Collingwood. Thus, he might have made a decent fortune by now.

Find Anton Tohill On Instagram

Anton Tohill appears as @antontohill on Instagram.

His account is not yet verified. But he certainly has a decent following of over 6.3K fans.

He mostly posts his professional pictures via it.

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