Antonio Cayonne Wife -Who Is He Married To? Meet ‘The Vows We Keep’ Cast On Instagram

Antonio Cayonne Wife -Who Is He Married To? Meet ‘The Vows We Keep’ Cast On Instagram

Antonio Cayonne is married to his wife of no less than four years, welcomed their second child in April. Fans are curious about his ethnicity.

Actor Antonio Cayonne has been on the big screen since 2010. He is most famous for his roles in The X- files, Christmas in Evergreen: Bells Are Ringing, and Colony.

You can find him on his latest venture on the 10th of October. He stars in the Hallmark Movie The Vows We Keep.

Antonio Cayonne Wife -Who Is He Married Too?

Antonio Cayonne is happily married to his wife. His life partner is shy and keeps away from the media. She is not present on any of his social platforms. 

Although his Instagram consist of numerous ladies, they are either friend or costars.

The couple raised two children together. Ther son, Xaiver, turned three in 2021. 

The family of three turned four in April of this year. Antonio welcomed Khari Elijah Quinn Cayonne‚Ā£ through an Instagram post where he thanked the medical personals present in the room.

Antonio Cayonne Wikipedia And Ethnicity

Unfortunately, Antonio Cayonne doesn’t have a Wikipedia page. His ethnicity is a topic of mystery. He is an actor and restrained based in Los Angeles.

As a child, Antonio wanted to be a soccer player. After hurting his ankle in a game, his dreams shattered. 

As a teenager, he was filled with angst and internal turmoil. His family was going through problems; nobody focused their attention on the growing boy.

Fortunately, a guidance counselor saw through his facade and enrolled him in drama class. 

There, he found a way to connect and never looked back.

Who Are Antonio Cayonne Parents? Where Is He From?

Antonio Cayonne is the son of American parents. Many details about their family are not made public. His social media are devoid of any siblings or parents. 

After shattering his ankle, he was loaded with regret. At home, his father was dying of an illness.

At their period, he drifted from his family and found solace in acting.

Meet Antonio Cayonne On Instagram 

You can meet Antonio Cayonne on his Instagram handle antoniocayonne and be a part of his 1k followers.

On his Instagram bio, Antonio describes himself as a father, husband, actor, and restauranteur. He describes his days to be filled with his two sons and documenting their lives.

The actor is interested in advocating for racial justice. He made it a point for his followers to know his political stance.

Moreover, Cayonne is a lover of gardening.