Antonio Hash Age Wikipedia: Everything To Know About Roanoke City Sheriff

Antonio Hash Age Wikipedia: Everything To Know About Roanoke City Sheriff

Antonio Hash, aged 41, has stepped up as the new sheriff in the city of Roanoke. Let’s take a detailed look into the city’s new sheriff.

Antonio Hash is a long-time employee in Roanoke Sheriff’s office. 

After dedicating most of his time in Sheriff’s office, he is the new Sheriff of Roanoke. Recently, an election between Lee Hill and Antonio Hash was conducted by the authorities, in which Hash was declared as the winner.

With a lot of expectations from the citizens of Roanoke, Antonio Hash has been a major highlight of the city. So, who is Antonio Hash? Let’s take a look into the life history of Roanoke’s new sheriff.

How Old Is Antonio Hash?

Antonio Hash’s age is currently 41 years old. 

An article on Roanoke revealed that Hash was 41 years old lately. Besides, that it has been hard to fetch any information relevant to his birthday.

Antonio Hash Wikipedia Explored

Antonio Hash is originally from New York. The 41-year-old sheriff spent most of his early life in New York City.

Antonio is currently based in Roanoke, Virginia. 

His Facebook suggests that he went to William Fleming High School where he graduated in 1998. Besides being a city’s new sheriff, Antonio is also working in Drink 2 Shrink.

Though there are not many details on his workplace, it seems it is some sort of Bar or hang-out place. Now he has stepped up as the law protector in Roanoke, Virginia, and a lot of expectations have been made by the citizens of the city.

Antonio Hash Wife

Antonio Hash not specifically mentioned anyone as his wife or partner.

Antonio is quite frank about his personal life. He has given a peek at all the aspects of his life via his Facebook. But Hash not talking anything about his conjugal life makes him single for now.

Is Antonio Hash On Instagram?

Well, Antonio does not seems to be on Instagram at the moment.

He does have a Twitter account but it seems he has not been active for a long period. But, one can add him on Facebook to stay updated on Antonio Hash’s daily life activities.

Antonio Hash Salary And Net Worth

Antonio Hash’s net worth is not discussed for now.

An article on Career Explorers revealed that the salary range for the sheriff in the United States is somewhere between $63,000-$105,000 annually. Maybe Antonio is also receiving the same amount as salary for his service.

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