Are Aurora Culpo And Her Husband Michael ‘Mikey’ Bortone Getting A Divorce? American Airlines Clothes Video & More

Are Aurora Culpo And Her Husband Michael ‘Mikey’ Bortone Getting A Divorce? American Airlines Clothes Video & More

Aurora Culpo and her husband Michael Bortone are rumored to be getting a divorce. Here is what we know about it.

Aurora Culpo is a social media influencer and is mostly known to the older sister of Olivia Culpo, who is a beauty queen. Being the mother of two toddlers, she basically puts out her life on her Instagram. 

Her life experiences help her followers gain knowledge to imply on their life as well. She is a living example of ‘realism wins hearts’. Even though her content is not hugely different from the regular influencers, her quality of being real wins her audiences.

Is Aurora Culpo And Husband Michael Bortone Getting A Divorce?

Aurora Culpo is married to her husband Michael Bortone or Mikey Bortone but the recent gossip states that the two are getting divorced. It is not clear if they are actually parting ways but her Instagram profile hints at the spat between them.

It’s been quite a long time she has posted with her husband and fans might have been curious. However, it can also be a coincidence. We cannot say much about it as the couple has not announced anything. 

Similarly, none of the authentic sources have come up with the news other than social media assumptions. We hope that all’s well with the beautiful couple and they come out stronger to clear the air.

Aurora’s husband Mikey is a television personality known for his appearance in ‘The Survivor’. The 48-year old is an aspiring writer, actor who is currently studying at ‘Actors Circle Theatre’

Aurora Culpo Sister’s American Airlines Clothes Controversy

Aurora Culpo’s sister, Olivia Culpo recently got into a bizarre situation at American Airlines which did not stay well with the siblings. An airline passenger apparently called her to the gate and asked her to put on a blouse. 

The individual was uncomfortable with the cleavage show and told her to cover up which Aurora found quite disturbing for her little one having to face. With a series of stories, she defends her sister attacking the airlines and the passenger with sarcasm and facts.

Olivia was wearing a bralette and shorts, pairing them up with a long cardigan which was not offensive according to Aurora. 

She was traveling for a vacation with her boyfriend Christian McCaffrey to Cabo San Lucas. This incident became a halt for the couple in a beautiful mood.

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