Are Tatsuhisa Suzuki And LiSA Getting A Divorce? Tatsuhisa Suzuki Cheating On LiSA & Affair Rumor With Fan A-Ko

Are Tatsuhisa Suzuki And LiSA Getting A Divorce? Tatsuhisa Suzuki Cheating On LiSA & Affair Rumor With Fan A-Ko

Tatsuhisa Suzuki has been trending on the internet after the rumors of him cheating on his wife LiSA went viral on the internet. Stick with us to learn details about the affair. 

Tatsuhisa Suzuki is a Japanese voice actor and singer. He has given voice to many characters like Ban from Seven Deadly Sins, Draken from Tokyo Revengers, Anos from Maou Gakuin No Futekigousha, and many more. 

LiSA is a well-known singer in Japan. She is the singer of various anime theme songs like Demon Slayer: Mugen Train, Homura, and many more. She has also won various awards for her songs. 

However, the relation between the couple seems to have been experiencing turbulence recently after Tatsuhisa is rumored to have been in an affair with another woman. 

Let us learn more about Tatsuhisa Suzuki and LiSA and take a closer look at the cheating rumors and affairs. 

Is Tatsuhisa Suzuki Cheating On LiSA?

Well, according to the various sources, Tatsuhisa Suzuki is cheating on LiSA. 

Tatsuhisa is said to have an extramarital affair with a young female fan. 

They have said to have met on various occasions and have been seen spending time together at Tatsuhisa’s home as well. 

After the news broke about Suzuki cheating on his wife LiSA, the news has been making headlines across the internet and has been a hot topic on social media. 

Various journalists and magazines have been searching for explanations about the cheating rumors but Suzuki is silent at the moment. 

Tatsuhisa Suzuki Affair With Fan A-Ko Explained

Tatsuhisa Suzuki has been rumored to have affair with a young female fan in her 20’s. 

In order to protect the identity of the female involved in the affair, sources are calling her as A-Ko but it is not her real name. 

Her real name has not come to the surface yet in order to protect her privacy and identity. 

A-Ko was seen spending around 2 hours in Suzuki’s home on July 16, 2021, from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm while LiSA was out for a performance. 

However, this was not the first time the couple had been seen in public, they were also spotted together back in June 2021. 

While the journalist confronted Suzuki about the affair with A-Ko, he remained silent. But later A-Ko deleted all the posts about Suzuki from her social media platforms. 

As of now, both Tatsuhisa and A-Ko have been silent about their affair and LiSA has also not spoken anything about the news yet. 

Are Tatsuhisa Suzuki And LiSA Getting A Divorce?

The news about Tatsuhisa Suzuki and LiSA getting a divorce has not come into the limelight yet. 

However, the couple might be experiencing turbulence in their relationship and marriage after the recent rumors and news. 

Nonetheless, they have not spoken anything about the rumors of them splitting up yet. 

We pray the couple to be together and happily married and clear out everything about the rumors and news. 


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