Who is Arielle Jean Jackson? Woman, 32 Assaulted Flight Attendant Leading To Hospitalization

Who is Arielle Jean Jackson? Woman, 32 Assaulted Flight Attendant Leading To Hospitalization

32-year-old African American woman Arielle Jean Jackson made headlines when she assaulted a flight attended on Saturday.

Southwest Airlines passenger Arielle Jean Jackson is spending her weekend in jail after her actions.

Following the incident, the airline came out with a statement saying that they maintain a zero-tolerance policy.

They support their employees and will cooperate with the authorities for the legal proceedings.

For now, the station manager remains by the victim’s side to provide support from the southwest family.

Moreover, it got reported that the airlines supported her hospitalization.

Who Is Arielle Jean Jackson? Woman Assaults Flight Attendant

Arielle Jean Jackson is a passenger of Fight 4976 who assaulted a flight attendant, leading to her hospitalizations.

Official say that the flight from Dallas, Lover Field was said to depart on Saturday. The destination was La Guardia.

After Jackson boarded the plane, she immediately went to the back of the airplane to verbally insult a flight attendant. After some altercation, she moved to the other side to get in a fight with another attendant.

As things escalated, Jackson couldn’t hold her anger and punched the attendant on her head.

Moreover, her condition got severe, leading to a hospital visit.

Arielle Jean Jackson Wikiepda And Age

Arielle Jean Jackson is a 32-year-old African American woman with anger issues. She came under the limelight after she physically assaulted a flight attendant without any provocations.

As she is not a celebrity, she does not have any information about her life.

Details about her job and life are not available on the internet.

Following the public altercations, she got arrested by the local authorities and is currently at Dallas country jail. 

As the fights never took off, she also didn’t get to reach her destinations.

People on the internet hoping that she suffers the consequences of her actions with at least six months in prison.

Who Is The Husband Of Arielle Jean Jackson? Does She Have A Family?

We are unsure if Arielle Jean Jackson has a family. As she just came under the spotlight, she is mysterious.

For now, any information but her husband and family life are not available on the internet. Given her age, she must be married. But this is only an assumption as she has yet to give a public statement.

As the trial for her crimes continues, we are sure to get more information about her.


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