Arnold Walker Death Cause -Yuendumu Shooting Case And Zac Rolfe Trial Update -Details To Know

Arnold Walker Death Cause -Yuendumu Shooting Case And Zac Rolfe Trial Update -Details To Know

The death of 19-year-old Arnold Walker sent the nation into outrage. Now, his murder, Zack Rolfe, is on trial for his crimes.

The death of teenager Arnold Walker shook the indigenous community. A year after his death, his community is still looking for answers.

The aboriginal organization called Nothern Territory is leading the protests to investigate the death of the teenager.

Members of the community stood outside the Alice Spiring Police station for the day. 

Congress has also gotten involved, pressurizing the station to give results within three months.

The government has also launched questioning against the clinic that failed to provide adequate medical services to the wounded, further contributing to his sudden death.

Arnold Walker Death Cause -Yuendumu Shooting Case

Arnold Walker passed away on October 24th, 2019. Police footage showed the teenager running towards an officer with an ax. 

An arrest warrant for Walker got issued on November 6th.

When the accused and his partner arrived at Arnold’s home, he obstructed the door and went to his room to retrieve an ax.

The officers ran ad were not injured. Following the incident, the constable asked for a backup. 

The department made a deal with his grandparents to let Walker attend a funeral on Sunday before his arrest. Sadly, the teenager never attended the funeral as he got shot two times the previous night.

Is Zack Rolfe Arrested? Details About His Trail

Arnold Walker’s shooter constable Zack Rolfe is arrested and awaiting trial. His committal hearing will begin at Spring Local Court Today.

The judge will decide if he will be convicted for his crimes or not.

Reports say that the officer is said to plead not guilty to the murder charges. Dellow police officer also supported him by giving evidence of Walker’s violent behavior.

Following the ax incident, Walker was deemed violent and ordered to be arrested if found anywhere on the road.

Sergent Frost added that Walker was a suspect for the break in the nurse’s quarters.

Arnold Walker Wikipedia Details: How Old Was He?

Arnold Walker or Kumanjaye was a 19-year-old teenager. He was a part of the indigenous group, Yuendumu.

Young Arnold was shot by a police officer when trying to arrest him. He was taken to the station in his dire state but took his last breath before any help could arise. 

According to the accused, Walker was holding a knife that resulted in him getting a stab would. The injury was severe as he ended up in the emergency room.

Moreover, Walker’s family members were uninformed of this news.

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