Ash Levi Age: Everything On Cherry Photo Club Presets Owner & Controversy With Acacia Kersey

Ash Levi Age: Everything On Cherry Photo Club Presets Owner & Controversy With Acacia Kersey

YouTuber Ash Levi, aged around 20-30 years old, is gaining massive attention due to a Presets controversy with Acacia Kersey.

Ash Levi is an emerging social media personality. She is creating a buzz after a Lightroom presets controversy with Acacia Kersey, which is all over the internet.

Levi is a creative person and loves experimenting with photo presets and filters. She is also an Instagram model and a content creator on YouTube with thousands of fans.

Moreover, Ash is the owner of Cherry Photo Club. It is the company that sells many presets to individuals, influencers, brands, and organizations.

Who Is Ash Levi? Age And Wiki Bio

Ash Levi appears to be in the age range of 20-30 years.

Levi is not yet featured on the Wiki bio page, and we do not have much information about her.

She is a Lightroom presets creator and runs a company called Cherry Photo Club. Similarly, she also makes content for YouTube and models on Instagram.

Ash has indeed enrolled in a training or course about graphic designing. Moreover, she is based in North Carolina and is an American citizen.

Ash Levi And Acacia Kersey Presets Controversy

Ash Levi gained instant fame after she accused Acacia Kersey of stealing her presets.

In a series of Instagram stories and a YouTube video, she mentioned that a big social media influencer copied her presets. Also, she added that the other big creator was selling it as her own.

The other creator who stole Ash’s presets is Acacia Kersey. She is a renowned influencer with over 2 million followers.

Levi found out about it after her friend bought Acacia’s presets pack and send her. Ash compared it with her creations and found many similarities.

After having enough evidence, Ashley confronted Kersey. But rather than accepting her mistakes, she said that she lacked inspiration, so she took one from Levi’s pack.

But later on, it was found that all of the presets (13 of them) on her pack were precisely the same as Levi’s. She had changed the name of presets, but the inner content was the same.

Acacia Kersey Apology And Drama Explained

Acacia Kersey apologized to Ash Levi via an Instagram story.

However, many of her followers skipped that since she posted it with several other pictures. The apology post blended in.

After selling Ash’s creations and apologizing, Acacia offered her some percentage of money as compensation. She also disclosed her ongoing struggle with finances on private dm.

Keeping that in mind, Levi denied taking money. But she asked Kersey to take down the pack of presets and refund those who bought her pack.

However, Acacia only refunded the customers partially. And when Ash asked her for the proof of refund, she stated that she could not share it.