Auditing Britain Did A Face Reveal 2021? Everything To Know About The Youtuber

Auditing Britain Did A Face Reveal 2021? Everything To Know About The Youtuber

Auditing Britain, a professional Youtuber who makes videos with the purpose of imparting education and entertainment at the same time, has recently done his face reveal. 

Auditing Britain is a youtube channel with over 147k subscribers. He films random people and asks them questions. The YouTuber is obsessed with police officers for some reason. 

His main ambition is to tell the world that expression to the right to film is essential, and everybody has the right to film and record. 

Likewise, the information on his girlfriend or wife is not known as he keeps his private life up to himself. It has been known that he lives at 8 Woodhall Drive, Banbury.

Auditing Britain Did A Face Reveal 2021? 

Auditing Britain did not do the face reveal on his own. But it seems true that his face has been revealed accidentally by another YouTuber while Mr. Auditing was filming his videos in the streets of Britain.

The Youtube channel named Jo King captured the video where his full body structure can be seen properly.

However, the face is not much clear, but that is more than enough for people who want to have a view of the Youtuber.

He always hid his face in the videos, even if it was seen unintentionally. He created a blur vision of his face when its reflection was seen in a car window glass while filming a female cop.

Auditing Britain Real Name

Auditing Britain’s real name is Reda Bouadi-Clifton, as per the information on a Facebook post.

The Facebook page name ‘Auditing Britain Is A Joke’ posted the information on January 24. 

There, it has been mentioned that he is a mini-cab driver from Banbury. The page told that his name was found out through the public domain. It also mentioned his ego, which, Auditing’s fans did not like at all.

Auditing Britain Age And Wikipedia 

Auditing Britain’s age has not been mentioned anywhere in the channel. However, he seems to be in his thirties.

According to the video revealed he is a young man approximately 6 feet in height. 


Auditing Britain is not found anywhere on Wikipedia. His personal information has not been put on any other informational sites. 

But he seems active on his Instagram with followers of 22.1k.

Auditing Britain Net Worth: How Rich Is He?

Auditing Britain’s net worth is expected to be around $3 million. Daily, the channel makes an earning of around $430. Similarly, the weekly collection is around $3000.

 Well, it also depends on the videos and the views. The person might be making additional income through his profession, which is not known.

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