Author: Who Is Garrain Jones Wife? Everything On His Age And Net Worth

Author: Who Is Garrain Jones Wife? Everything On His Age And Net Worth

The author and transformation coach, Garrain Jones and his wife Blair Rachel are expecting a baby soon as they continue to impact several lives with positivity.

Garrain Jones is a renowned author, speaker, entrepreneur and transformation coach known for spreading positivity and beliefs.

As an author, Jones has released several books out of which he is mainly known for Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life: Lessons of Love, Leadership and Transformation.

As of now, Garrain has been able to establish himself as a source of motivation for several of those people who are lacking behind in their life because of multiple problems.

The American author came from a depressing and addictive time phase where he was put in prison for drug smuggling. However, Jones has now used that incident as a turning point and brought a transformation in his life.

Now after witnessing all those, Garrain is working to put an impact on those who are going through the same phase as him.

As the man grows in popularity, his fans are eager to know more personal details and other facts about the man.


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Who Is Garrain Jones Wife?

Garrain Jones is a happily married man who lives with his wife Blair Rachel Jones.

Garrain’s wife, Blair herself is a fitness coach and entrepreneur who inspires thousands of people from her social media platform.

Jones and his now-wife, Blair Rachel got married on November 24, 2019, and both appear quite happy and fortunate for having each other.

Apart from their marriage details, there is no information about their love life and dating experiences.

How Old Is Garrain Jones?

The American author, Garrain Jones’ age is 42 years old.

He was born on July 3, 1979, in the United States. Opening up about his childhood, despite being raised in a sufficient environment, it is safe to say that Jones didn’t have a happy childhood.

On his official website, Garrain has revealed that he was nearly killed when he was at the age of 4 years old. It was the time when a man tried to kill him by putting in a dryer after lying to him about going to Disneyland.

However, it was not the only bad thing that happened at an early age. He further mentions that he was nearly killed at the age of 10 when a group of people tried to drown him.

Fed up from the trust issues and family problems, Jones went down the wrong way during his early teenage years as he spent two years in a detention centre during that teenage period.

At the age of 18, Garrain moved to LA and his life was slowly improving but the man again got caught up in drugs smuggling and spent two and a half years in prison.

It was after this that the now known coach started transforming and became the man he is today.


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Garrain Jones Parents And Family Details

Discussing his parents, Garrain Jones has opened up about his family but never revealed their identities.

While talking about his childhood, Jones has revealed that his parents got separated when he was only 4 years old, the same age when he was almost killed.

What followed was a more tragic time when his father got murdered when he was only 12 years old. It was the time when he started going down the wrong path.

Besides his parents, Garrain Jones and his wife, Blair are looking forward to giving birth to their first child soon.

What Is Garrain Jones Net Worth?

Looking at his career and involvement, Garrain Jones is thought to have a net worth of around $1 – $5 million.

However, official sites are yet to confirm the exact net worth value of the American personality. Hence, we cannot exactly specify his net worth figure.

But there is no doubt that the author, Garrain has a pretty good amount of fortune.


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Meet Garrain Jones On Instagram

Garrain Jones can be found on Instagram under the handle @garrain.jones.

The author has an incredible fan following of over 169 thousand with whom he shares his valuable knowledge and positivity.