Balvinder Singh Nazran

Balvinder Singh Nazran

Balvinder Singh Nazran is the trending name in English premises as he was introduced by her daughter Anita Rani as her father. Anita has recently created buzz from her roles in the movies and television series.

Furthermore, he has been living in the United Kingdom all his life as mentioned by his daughter in her interviews. He moved with his family to the United Kingdom when he as at very tender age of 4 and settled down there with his family there only. Later he married his sink decent wife, Lakhbir and created his own family. However there are not many information available about him. we have collected some of his information in the list below. if you want to know more about then below are ten interesting facts about him

Quick Facts: Balvinder Singh Nazran
Name Balvinder Singh Nazran
Gender Male
Nationality English
Ethnicity Indian
Married/Single Married
Wife Lakhbir
Children Anita

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Hey dad. Thanks for breaking the mould of what it means to be an Indian father. Thanks for buying champagne when I was born, even though you were told not to celebrate having a daughter. Thanks for treating me as an equal, being my biggest fan, encouraging me always, sitting me at the table, answering my questions, allowing me to shout and scream, letting me paint my bedroom black, laughing at my grunge clothes in the 90s, taking us on adventures in the countryside, taking me to the pub, teaching me to play pool, all the terrible dad jokes, the brilliant magic tricks, showing me how to change a tyre, taking me to karate, letting me go backpacking round East Africa for 3 months, helping me move house 37 thousand times and carrying boxes of CDs into various attics in london, letting me watch Enter The Dragon on repeat, showing me that attention to detail matters, being super stylish, teaching me to be driven and self motivated and to be active in mind and body. Thanks for making us clean the house every Saturday!!!! Thank you also for showing me that life can teach us lots of things and we should be big enough to know when we can change for the better. See you in a bit Dad when we can discuss your dodge tash! #fathersday

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10 Facts on Balvinder Singh Nazran:

  1. Balvinder Singh Nazran is the well known celebrity father known as the father of famous British actress Anita Rai.
  2. About his birth, he was born in India however later moved to the United Kingdom and grownup therre.
  3. However, we don’t know anything about his date  of birth on assuming he is currently at the age of seventies in 2020.
  4. About his wife, he is married to his wife Lakhbir for an unknown time who is of sikh decent.
  5. They together have Anita Rani however we don’t have any information about other childrens yet.
  6. Anita Rani’s dad is not famous enough to have his own wiki bio.
  7. We don’t have any information about his job and similarly we don’t know anything about his net worth and salary yet.
  8. He stands a decent height and well maintained body weight though actual numbers are unknown.
  9. Similarly, he doesn’t seem to have his own social media presence.
  10. We don’t know anything about his parents and other members of the family.

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