Who Is Beatriz Zimmermann? Get To Know Mother Of Kidnapped Sisters Olivia And Anna Gimeno

Who Is Beatriz Zimmermann? Get To Know Mother Of Kidnapped Sisters Olivia And Anna Gimeno

Beatriz Zimmermann, the mother of missing Tenerife girls Olivia and Anna Gimeno, has been living with boyfriend Eric Domb.

Beatriz Zimmermann has been devasted after her two little girls went missing. 

Anna and Olivia were scheduled to be returned to Beatriz from her ex-husband Tomás Gimeno after spending an afternoon with the little ones. However, Tomas never returned the children to his ex-wife. 

However, Beatriz along with the authorities was optimistic about their children until a devastating discovery was done in the case.  

The search party found the dead body of Olivia Gimeno Zimmermann was discovered off the coast of Tenerife in the depth of 1000 meters under the sea.

Let us learn more about Beatriz Zimmermann and take a closer look at her pareja and edad. 

Beatriz Zimmermann Edad: How Old Is She?

Beatriz Zimmermann’s actual edad is not revealed but she might be between 30-40 years old judging by her images.

However, she has not revealed her actual age along with her actual date of birth to the general public yet. 

There is no Wikipedia page dedicated to the Tenerife Girls case or about the kidnapper father Tomás Gimeno, 37. 

Beatriz Zimmermann Pareja

Beatriz Zimmermann was married to her ex-husband Tomás Gimeno. 

However, the couple’s marriage had ended but they shared two beautiful daughters together. 

Currently, Beatriz Zimmermann had moved on in her life and is dating her new boyfriend (pareja) Eric Domb, a Belgian businessman. 

Her ex husband, Tomas also had a relationship with other girls after their split up but was not ready to accept his ex-wife’s new partner. Tomas and Eric had a business relationship as well. 

Beatriz Zimmermann Official Instagram

Beatriz Zimmermann can be found using Instagram officially under the username @bringbackhomeannaandolivia. 

She has released various missing posts and videos in a desperate attempt of locating her children. 

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