Beyond Oak Island: Robert Clotworthy Net Worth Is More Than $19 Million -What Did He Do?

Robert Clotworthy has a whooping net worth of $19 million as of 2022. So let’s figure out what he does to amass such a significant net worth.

Robert Clotworthy is a well-known actor whose roles have won many hearts. His work on Star Wars: Empire of Dreams has been incredible.

He is a well-known voice actor who has provided narration for The Curse of Oak Island and Ancient Aliens on the History Channel.

Robert Clotworthy Net Worth Is More Than $19 Million -What Did He Do? 

Robert Clotworthy has a fantastic net worth of 19 million dollars, with most of his money coming from his voice acting work.

His work as an actor and voice actor in various documentaries, TV shows, and films has earned him these enormous sums.

His work in the StarCraft video game series is outstanding. He provided the voice for Jim Raynor’s character, and the players remember him for it.

He has appeared in Antz as Soldier Ants and Mulan as Hun.

His performance as Philip Pugh in V. I Warshawski is also outstanding. His work on the TV show is equally impressive. He appeared in We Bare Bears as Warren and Ultimate Spider-Man as Captain Stacey.

His specialty is video games. He provided voices for Grand Theft Auto V, and his work for Batman: The Telltale Series is equally impressive.

Rober Clotworthy Wife- Who Is He Married To?

We all like his voice, but there is one thing he does not like: revealing any information about his personal life.

He posted a photo of himself with a woman who could be his wife.

It is not confirmed and is an assumption, but she is very close to him based on how he is hugging the woman.

His personal life, on the other hand, is still being investigated.

He must be a married man, living a blissful, cheerful married life with a wife, but for reasons only he knows, he has no intention of disclosing a single detail.

Our research team is constantly looking forward to his personal life, so stay tuned; we will update it when the team finds out anything about his affairs.

Robert Clotworthy Family Explored

Robert Bruce Clotworthy was born in Los Angeles, California, the USA, on October 24, 1955.

Clotworthy benefited from this position because it exposed him to the thriving culture of Hollywood and the media.

Clotworthy’s father was a commercial radio producer. He allowed Robert to accompany him to recording sessions, which inspired Robert and helped him define his dream career, which he began when he was 15 years old.

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