Famous Car Dealer Billy Fuccillo Died At The Age Of 64: Everything On His Wife And Net Worth

Famous Car Dealer Billy Fuccillo Died At The Age Of 64: Everything On His Wife And Net Worth

Billy Fucillo has passed away, leaving behind his wife Cindy and a young son. Let’s explore his cause of death and health issues.

Billy Fucillo was a highly renowned car dealer who recently passed away at the age of 64.

Also, he was the owner of the car dealership named Fuccillo Automotive Group.

His business is operational across two US states, i.e. New York and Florida. Also, the company has multiple franchises and dealerships in those two states. 

Best known for his tagline “It’s Huuuuuuge”, Fucillo was a charming personality and a humble individual.

Billy Fucillo Wife

Billy Fucillo was a married man with a loving wife named Cindy. 

Additional details about his wife are not currently available on the web. 

From their marriage, Billy and his wife Cindy shared a son named Billy Fuccillo Jr.

Billy must have been very protective of his family as he never shared any more info about his wife and son, other than their names.

Billy Fucillo Net Worth In 2021

Car dealer Billy Fucillo’s net worth in 2021 can be summed up to $100 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth

Best known for his larger-than-life persona, Billy was considered a philanthropist. He was adored by many for rewarding his loyal customers with frequent offers and prizes.

Further, Fucillo was also an exceptional leader. While he was actively working, Billy managed over 1400 workers under him, who were employed across 31 franchises alongside 28 dealerships. 

Moreover, Billy’s business Fuccillo Automotive Group is operational in New York and Florida. Witnessing such success, Fucillo’s net worth of $100 million appears reasonable.

Billy Fucillo Health And Cause Of Death

While the cause of Billy Fucillo’s death has not been announced by the authorities, his poor health was apparent to almost everyone who knew him.

Billy had been absent from work for over a year, which led to many worrying about his well-being. But, the exact illness or health problem, with which Fucillo was diagnosed, has not been disclosed yet.

Billy passed away at his residence in Florida on June 18, 2021. 

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