Bittner Reimers Wife Swap Where Are They Now? Everything To Know

Bittner Reimers Wife Swap Where Are They Now? Everything To Know

Fans are curious to know about the contestant Bittner Reimers from Wife Swap, where are they now?

Wife Swap is a fascinating, befuddling look at modern-day housewifery in all its contradictory glory. It’s also one of several signs that television’s long-standing love affair with the housewife is rekindling.

The premise of “Wife Swap” is deceptively simple: What would happen if two drastically different women swapped families for ten days? Each lady comes in her new home with no prior knowledge of the family she will be taking over, a family chose for its dissimilarity to her own.

For the first part of their stay, everyone tries to follow the original wife’s behaviors, which are detailed in a handbook. In the second half, she imposes her home rules on the household. In the face of mom-enforced family regulations, families are revealed as miniature nation-states where class, income, and/or real estate holdings have no bearing on domestic life.

Bittner Reimers Wife Swap Where Are They Now? 

Melissa Reimers and Cindy Bittner are the two wives who exchanged their families for the show titled Wife Swap in the event episode of the show. So where are they now is still a mystery to us?

After the show was over both the mothers went to their respective families. Hardly any info about their life after the show is known. In fact, they have maintained complete privacy after the show Wife Swap came to end. 

We have got no clue about Mellissa Reimers and Cindy Bittner’s whereabouts today. 

But people are still curious to know about their families


Who Is Melissa Reimers? 

Melissa Reimers is a stay-at-home mother of five children in South Florida. Her husband Paul Reimers is a former U.S. Navy lieutenant. 

Together, Melissa with her husband Paul kept a tight grip on their five children: Molly who was 15 years old, Coby 13, Jordan 11, Jay 10, and Lucy 8, in the year 2004. 

Melissa homeschools her children to shield them from unwanted influences from the outside world. The family also attends church twice on Sundays and follows a strict vegetarian diet.

The Reimers have reared their children with a strict set of rules and daily tasks, and if they disobey, they are punished with “The Whacker,” which is a leather strap.

Who Is Cindy Bittner?

Cindy Bittner is the other contestant with whom Melissa Reimers swapped families. She works as a bus driver in Virginia.

Cindy’s husband, Steve, works as a customer service representative and is the stepfather of Cindy’s teenage children, Stevie, 19, and Blake, 15, who were both in high school in 2004.

The family enjoys fast food and watching television, and they frequently dispute with one another.

Cindy and Steve encourage their daughters to be independent and free-thinking, and the girls are free to dress and act as they like.