Bixu Real Name And Age: Everything To Know About The YouTuber

Bixu Real Name And Age: Everything To Know About The YouTuber

Bixu’s Instagram suggests his real name to be “Shivam” but the last name remains unconfirmed. Continue below to learn more about the YouTuber.

Bixu is a YouTube sensation who mostly uploads gaming videos.

He is also an active gamer, who plays GTA V, CS: Go, Minecraft, PUBG, and more.

Apart from YouTube, BIxu is also present on other social media platforms but is relatively less popular. While he has 977k subscribers on YouTube, Bixu only has 25.2K followers on Instagram.

Bixu Real Name And Age?

YouTuber Bixu’s real name appears to be Shivam, as per his Instagram bio. 

But, even if “Shivam” is his real name, it only makes up the first name. Meanwhile, Bixu’s last name still remains a mystery.

Similarly, there is also secrecy regarding Bixu’s verified age. As he has not physically shown himself to his followers, making a prediction on his age is also fruitless.

But, we do know that Bixu is an Indian. And, in India, mostly teenagers and young adults in their early 20s are involved in virtual gaming.

Hence, it can be concluded that Bixu’s age should fall somewhere in the range of 15-25 years old.

YouTuber Bixu Wikipedia

Bixu a.k.a I.M. Bixu is a YouTuber from India.

He joined the video-sharing platform YouTube in December 2019. Within, less than two years, he is approaching a million subscribers; currently, he has 977k. 

Earlier, he had reached 100k subscribers in October 2020.

Additionally, Bixu is a gamer and also calls himself a video creator. Professionally, he is managed by Red Owl Gaming.

Did Bixu Reveal His Face?

YouTuber Bixu has not officially done a face reveal until now.

All we know about his appearance is that he is Indian. While there are videos claiming to have debunked Bixu’s face, don’t get your hopes high yet.

Such claims of Bixu’s face reveal are mostly made by upcoming YouTubers who are trying to deceit others for views and attention.