Blaber C9 Twitch Streamer Height In Feet – How Tall Is He?

Blaber C9 Twitch Streamer Height In Feet – How Tall Is He?

Cloud9’s Blaber C9, seemingly of short height, was only in his teens when he was offered to join the esports organization’s team. What is his actual height?

Blaber C9 is one-fifth part of Cloud9 and he pays as a professional gamer and jungler there.

Previously going with the stage name Blaber fish, he, later on, removed the latter name, fish. And, thus, Blaber came into existence.

Blaber C9 Twitch Height and Age: How Old/Tall Is He?

The Twitch player C9’s Blaber’s height is relatively shorter than his other fellow game mates.

As many of his fans can notice that he appears a bit shorter in stature. In 2018, the gamer took on to his Twitter handle that he is only 4 feet tall. That’s the data of three years ago. For now, we are unaware of his actual weight three years after.

What Is C9 Blaber Real Name?

C9 Blaber’s real name is Robert/Bobby Huang.

Though he has put his Instagram name as Bobby Huang, most of the web portals have enlisted his real name as Robert Huang.

C9 Blaber Net worth 2021 

We believe C9 Blaber’s net worth in 2021 to be around 6 figures or even more than that.

According to Liquipedia, his total earning from his games and competitions is $173,013 approximately. Similarly, we also learned from the Esports Earning site that the total money pr prize money he earned from participating and winning 13 tournaments is $152,740.68.

At the same time, the site also provided the yearly data earnings of the Twitch streamer. Well, he earned $29,500 in 2021, which is more than what he earned the previous year in 2021 i.e. $25,000.

Furthermore, in 2018, he took home even a higher amount which is $81k.

C9 Blaber Wikipedia Explored

All thanks to C9 Blaber’s exceptional gaming skills that led him to have a Wikipedia page.

He succeeded in owning a self-titled official wiki page, which, in itself, is a big achievement and is enough to showcase his immense popularity.

According to Wikipedia, he was only a high schooler when he got drafted by the esports team, Cloud9, back in 2017. 

C9 Blaber Ethnicity & Nationality

C9 Blaber seems to be Asian by ethnicity if judged by his face and his parent’s origin.

On the contrary, C9 Blaber holds American nationality, given his place of birth in the United States, with residency in North America.

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