Blaine McIntosh Age: How Old Is Blaine McIntosh From New York Mets?

Blaine McIntosh Age: How Old Is Blaine McIntosh From New York Mets?

Blaine McIntosh, aged 19, managed to successfully imprint his footprints in baseball sports. Let’s find out.

Blaine McIntosh is a professional baseball player for the New York Mets. It is one of America’s major league baseball teams. 

For his incredibly exceptional abilities and skills in-game, he won the Todd Helton Award in 2019.

Have a look below to get some of your most asked questions answered regarding the young athlete, Blaine McIntosh.

What Is New York Mets Blaine McIntosh Age?  

Blaine McIntosh’s age is 19 years old.

Born in the year 2001, this teenage athlete’s birthday falls on the 9th of June.

Blaine McIntosh Wikipedia

The young player Blaine McIntosh is yet to have a Wikipedia page on his name.

Nonetheless, he already has a feature on the Gulf Coast League Mets roster’s wiki, and he is cast as outfielders during his rookie-level period.

As per the Amazon Avenue site, he discovered his passion for playing baseball thanks to his father’s guidance, a baseball player during the 70s.

Thus, a dad made sure that his son follows the former generation’s path to sports.

More on him, the left-handed player McIntosh stands at 6 feet 4 inches.

Furthermore, since he is available on Instagram, his fans can get first-hand info about him from there.

What Is Blaine McIntosh’s Net Worth?  

Blaine McIntosh must have seen significant growth in his net worth thanks to his remarkable performances in the game.

According to the tpgmets blog, it is found that he received a signing bonus amount of $125,000 in the Mets 2019 draft. 

Blaine McIntosh Wife- Is He Married?

Blaine McIntosh is the proud youngest son of Freddie and his wife, Amy McIntosh. 

The McIntosh couple also has an older daughter named Tristan McIntosh, a musician.

These siblings were born to do great things as the younger one excels in sports, whereas the elder sister Tris became a finalist of American Idol Season 15.

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