Who Is Jade Bornea? Everything To Know About The Boxer

Who Is Jade Bornea? Everything To Know About The Boxer

Jade Bornea, aka Jade Dajay Bornea, is a top drawer, pioneering, and professional boxer who has no records of losing in his entire match to date, is active on his Instagram account and has an impressive net worth. Learn more about his parents and ethnicity.

Jade Bornea is a pertinacious and indefatigable boxer with a generous and indulgent personality. The amiable young boxer is widely known for his undefeatable boxing skills, together with his tender-hearted nature.

He never overstates or exaggerates his skills; instead supports his juniors in the most respectful way possible. Everyone who has approached him always eulogizes his loyalty. The determined boxer never gets sidetracked by useless trivia. 

His considerate and generous public aura never fails to glow up in the spotlight. Everyone enamors the well-mannered public figure for his true self. 

Wikipedia: Who Is Jade Bornea? Everything To Know About The Boxer

Jade Bornea is a prudent and optimistic Filipino professional boxer who has held the WBC-NABF super-flyweight title since the beginning of 2022. Despite being an amateur, he represented the Philippines at the Youth World Championships.

He reached the semi-finals of the light-flyweight bracket. He is entitled with the nickname Hurricane. He has participated in fifteen fights in total, where he managed to win all fifteen matches.

The competitive boxer is the golden wealth of the Philipines. He succeeds in making his country proud and also has a high reputation. He deserves all the love from his nation and citizens there as he uplifted the nation’s pride.

Jade Bornea Parents. Know His Ethnicity

Jade Bornea has not disclosed his parent’s personal information to date. He was born on June 2. 1995, in Arakan, Philippines. His ethnicity is Filipino. He is now 26 years young and already a nation’s pride. 

His public appearance shows how savvy and straightforward his thoughts are. He invigorates youths to embark on this career and reflects the bright future in boxing. 

His parents must have encouraged and motivated him to follow his dream behind the limelight but evaded the spotlight. His parents might be together with him to support him during his gloomy mood. 

Jade Bornea Net Worth 

Jade Bornea’s net worth is estimated at $1 million- $5 million. Despite having a hefty net worth, he chooses to live a life with simplicity and always manifest his simple living, high thinking theories.

The young boxer is making history and a legacy in boxing and is gaining notoriety with his talents and incomparable skills. 

Meet Jade Bornea On Instagram

Jade Bornea has above 500 followers on his Instagram @jadebornea. His every post is related to his profession. His determination is strong and propels him to shine in a milestone.

He is already a winner in the public eye, but his passion pushes him to rise in the stardom.






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