Who is Brandon Freyre From University Of Delaware And Why Is He Arrested?

Who is Brandon Freyre From University Of Delaware And Why Is He Arrested?

University student, Brandon Freyre is arrested for three charges including kidnapping, strangling, and arrest. Read more to find about his parents and other details.

Brandon Freyre is a former student at the University of Delaware. He is currently on the headlines for being arrested on three charges.

Freyre assaulted a woman in her apartment and caused her bodily harm. Further, he threatened her not to call the police or else he will murder her.

The incident occurred on 9 October 2021 near East Main Street in Newark. However, it was reported on 13 October and the alleged assaulter is arrested.

Who Are Brandon Freyre Parents?

Brandon Freyre’s parents live in Arnold, Maryland.

They are definitely ashamed of Brandon’s deeds. But despite being furious, they will help their son in many ways that they can.

Freyre’s bail amount is set at $38,100 and he is currently being held at Howard R. Young Correctional Institution.

Who Is Brandon Freyre? Is He Arrested?

Brandon Freyre is an ex-university student who has been detained on three charges.

As per 6abc, he is best known as a student at the University of Delaware. He was arrested on charges of kidnapping, strangling, and assault.

On 9 October, Freyre got into an argument with a woman. He became violent during it and damaged the victim’s property as well. However, this did not cool him off.

So, Brandon hit her with blunt objects and sprayed her eyes with paint. Moreover, he threatened to kill her if she turned him to the police authorities.

Later on, Freyre strangled her and threw her down the stairs. She was able to flee the scene and reach up to the police. She was then hospitalized to treat her injuries.

Brandon was arrested on 13 October and is charged with second and third-degree felonies. 

Details On The University of Delaware Fraternity Announcement

Brandon Freyre was a member of the Kappa Delta Rho fraternity at the University of Delaware.

The violence was immediately reported to the university. However, rather than taking any action, they revoked Brandon’s membership.

Unfortunately, the fraternity could not address the issue on time. Also, they denounced the incident considering it domestic violence and nothing more.

People are opposing the denouncement and have scheduled a protest today on 13 October 2021.

Find Brandon Freyre Photos On Facebook 

Brandon Freyre’s photos are available on Facebook.

He has a normal account where he has befriended 43 people. However, he has not uploaded anything since April of 2020.

Brandon Freyre Age: How Old Is He?

Brandon Freyre is only 20 years of age.

He is still quite young but his birthday facts are concealed. Besides, he is originally from Arnold, Maryland and has American nationality.