Wausau Breanna Schneller Murder – Who Killed Her? Raul Ponce Rocha Now

Wausau Breanna Schneller Murder – Who Killed Her? Raul Ponce Rocha Now

Breanna Schneller was killed 13 years ago; it was one of the heinous crimes of that period; find out more about the perpetrator and where he is now.

Breanna Schneller was beaten and stabbed to death, her body dripping with blood.

Raul Ponce Rocha, her assailant, is currently receiving a life term in prison.

Wausau: Breanna Schneller Murder -Who Killed Her?

Breanna Schneller was battered and stabbed to death, bleeding profusely. According to a forensic pathologist, Breanna was viciously assaulted and stabbed many times in the chest, neck, and wrist.

Raul Ponce Rocha, who worked at the same restaurant as Sebastian Ramirez, was charged with Breanna Schneller’s murder and found guilty.

Sebastian informed police that he saw Breanna texting the day of the murder, but her phone was not discovered in her apartment. The cellphone was found in a dumpster behind El Tequila Salsa that was explicitly used for cardboard at the time.

The phone and two sets of Breanna’s underwear, and two mismatched gloves were kept in a bag.

The police interrogated the couple’s coworkers during their investigation until they came upon Raul Ponce-Rocha.

Raul claimed he had nothing to do with Breanna’s murder while picking up a coworker, Luciano Sanchez-Ramos, who resided in the same apartment complex as the victim and was within a 5-minute drive away from the restaurant.

Rocha Ponce’s house was searched with a warrant, and police discovered many pieces of women’s underwear as well as a glove in his bedroom that matched one of the gloves found in the dumpster.

Ponce’s DNA was found on the murder weapon, an old iron handle, as well as the glove and restaurant takeout bag, seized from the dumpster.

Based on the evidence, Raul Ponce Rocha was arrested and charged with first-degree deliberate homicide. Ponce-Rocha was accused of breaking into Breanna’s apartment to steal her undergarments, but when he saw she was home, he murdered her.

Where Is Raul Ponce Rocha Now?

Raul Ponce Rocha was found guilty of first-degree intentional homicide, burglary with a deadly weapon, and two counts of theft by a jury.

For the murder charge, he was sentenced to life in jail without the possibility of parole. For the burglary offense, a concurrent sentence of fifteen years was imposed.

Finally, he was sentenced to 9 months in prison for two counts of theft. Ponce-Rocha is currently incarcerated at the Waupun Correctional Institution in Waupun, Wisconsin, serving a life sentence.

Breanna Schneller Age And Wikipedia 

Breanna Schneller was only 18 years old at the time of her murder. 

Breanna was a standout student at D.C. Everest High School, and she was the only individual from Wisconsin to qualify for the national FCCLA STAR Events. She was also about to graduate and get married to her fiancé in a month.

Breanna also worked at El Mezcal, a Mexican restaurant in Rib Mountain, while the Ramirez brothers worked at El Tequila Salsa, also in Rib Mountain.

According to her father, she had a cheerful personality and was a great, caring girl with no enemies.

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Last Modified: January 18, 2022

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