NRL: Brian To’o Nationality And Salary Details- Everything To Know

NRL: Brian To’o Nationality And Salary Details- Everything To Know

Rudby athlete Brian To’o’s nationality is a subject that has remained ambiguous. But, read more to find more on his private life.

Brian To’o is a professional Rugby Player.

Currently, he plays for the Penrith Panthers, a professional Australian rugby club which is part of NRL. Brian is part of a competitive environment however, he has managed to stand out from other athletes.

Being a big league like NRL, Brian has surely gained a number of admirers who are willing to know him personally. Let’s take a look into Brian’s life from the scratch.

What Is Brian To’o Nationality?

Brian To’o ‘s NRL page suggests he is originally from Samoa and holds Samoan nationality. A multiethnic guy, Brian was exposed to different cultures and heritages from the start of his childhood.

Half of Brian’s descendent is Chinese, but it is unclear from which side. He was born in Australia and is living there since his birth. 

He is fortunate enough to get a taste of different cultures and ethnicity from the start.

How Old Is Brian To’o?

Brian To’o’s age is currently 22 years old.

The Samoan athlete, Brian was born in  Westmead, New South Wales, Australia in 1998. Likewise, Brian celebrates his birthday on the 18th of August every year.

Brian To’o Height And Weight

Brian To’o has an attractive height of 6 feet. His tall height has helped him a lot to gain a good sprint during the games.

Furthermore, he was 97 Kgs, as per his recent measurement. Brian is managing to stay fit and maintain his weight with his constant workout and healthy diet.

Brian To’o Salary And Net Worth

Brian To’o’s net worth is another intriguing subject for his fans. Despite that, he has chosen to remain silent on this topic.

NRL’s official Wikipedia page revealed that in 2019 the minimum salary for players was above $100,000 annually. Maybe Brian To’o is also receiving the same amount of salary for now.