Bwipo And Girlfriend Lena Drama Explained: Is He Leaving Fnatic After Death Threats?

Bwipo And Girlfriend Lena Drama Explained: Is He Leaving Fnatic After Death Threats?

After a disturbing loss, the Fnatic League of Legends team has exited the Worlds 2021 group stage. For the loss, fans are blaming Bwipo’s girlfriend and have even sent death threats. 

Despite Bwipo’s highly aggressive and thrilling early jungle invasion, it wasn’t to be, as Fnatic were caught off guard, resulting in too many fatalities and Hanwha’s win. 

Bean didn’t get much of an opportunity to shine, and his comrade Hylissang died a lot to defend Bean and the rest of the squad.

On the other hand, Fnatic has had to cope with upheaval in recent years as they strive to find their ideal setup and, eventually, succeed. And they are benefiting greatly from the shift.

However, after the drama relating to Bwipo, the situation doesn’t seem to be on the good side. Rumors have been going around that Bwipo is going to parts ways with the organization.

Bwipo And Lena: Girlfriend Drama Explained

Fnatic finished with a 1-5 record. According to Jungler, Bwipo’s girlfriend, “Lena,” was subjected to a barrage of insults after the event, as frustrated fans blamed her for distracting their Belgian brawler.

Bwipo revealed on Twitter that Lena had been nothing but supportive of his attempts to win Worlds, even though he had just injured her in a personal way.

Lena was the Jungler’s significant other, according to a Twitlonger. For the past three years, Lena has been his unwavering support. 

He had recently emotionally harmed her. He then continued to accept the blame for his actions towards his girlfriend.

He also claimed to have given up on the game, but Lena convinced him to stay in the game and attempt to overcome their 0-3 disadvantage.

Death Threats Explained: Is He Leaving Fnatic? 

Gabriel ‘Bwipo’ Rau, jungler for London-based esports organization Fnatic, has declared his departure from social media “indefinitely” following his team’s scenario at Worlds 2021.

With numerous concerns about their performances looming, and after failing to recover from the absence of renowned Bot-laner Elias Lipp, Gabriel “Bwipo” Rau has resorted to Twitter to defend his fiancée after ‘death threats’ were thrown her way as a scapegoat for Fnatic’s dismal performance.

Despite Bwipo’s best efforts, the Jungler was unhappy that his followers had threatened her and that he regretted his silence.

Despite these internal difficulties, Fnatic showed some indications of unity on the stage during Worlds week two. However, it appears that Bwipo’s status at the org is uncertain for the time being.

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