Carole Middleton Wedding Photo And Dress: Alizée Thevenet Wore The Gown On Her Special Day

Carole Middleton Wedding Photo And Dress: Alizée Thevenet Wore The Gown On Her Special Day

After the Carole Middleton’s son’s wedding photo got publicized, the wedding dress became the talk of the town. What made the dress more special was the bride Alizee wore Carole’s wedding dress.  

Carole Middleton is the mother of James Middleton.

The 66 year old English native, who is involved in the business field, never fails to catch public attention, be that for a wedding dress, or taking her royal grandchildren to some places. 

Carole Middleton Wedding Photo & Dress

Carole Middleton’s wedding dress became a searched topic after her daughter-in-law was photographed wearing her dress.

A simple but elegant white wedding dress that Carole had worn during her marriage with Michael Middleton, came into remembrance once again and stole the hightlights after her son’s bride Alizee Thevenet was dolled in the same piece. 

It is found that Alizee borrowed the vintage white dress from Carole to wear it in her big day, which was last worn around 41 years ago.

As per the sources, before the lockdown, Alizzee tried on her future mother-in-law’s wedding dress, and it fit her perfectly.

Carole Middleton Husband 

As everyone is aware, Carole Middleton’s husband is named Michael Middleton, also the father of the Duchess of Cambridge.

In total, Carole, a businesswoman by profession, shares three kids in total with her loving husband. Her eldest child and daughter is named Catherine ‘Kate’ Middleton. Similarly, Carole’s other children’s names are James and Philippa.

Before getting married to her now-husband Michael, she had the surname Carole Goldsmith.

More on their wedding details, Carole met Michael at British Airways where they both worked. At that time, she was working as a flight attendant while he was involved as a flight dispatcher.

After enough familiarity, they later got wedded on the 21st of June, 1980. 

Relationship of Carole Middleton & Alizee Thevenet

The relationship of Carole Middleton and Alizee Thevenet is of a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

These individuals have both become one given their establishment of familial connection now.

And, they seem to have a really good relationship, as Alizee Thevenet made honor to her mother-in-law Carole after wearing her vintage dress. Thus, this action helped in reminiscing and fresh rewinding of the past. Likewise, the behavior also somehow counts as respect and tribute to Carole and the whole Middleton family.

Is Carole Middleton On Instagram?

Carole Middleton does have a feature on Instagram posts but has an absence of an official Instagram handle.

Well, there is an IG page dedicated to The Middleton family, which gives updates about her and other Middleton members including her children and life partner.