Cartia Mallan Ex Boyfriend Josh Heuston -Why Did They Break Up? Details To Know

Cartia Mallan Ex Boyfriend Josh Heuston -Why Did They Break Up? Details To Know

23-year-old YouTuber Cartia Mallan was in a committed relationship with Josh Heuston until their breakup in 2020. Learn more about the influence’s life below.

Cartia Mallan is a fashion blogger and YouTuber who post vlogs and videos related to makeup. Cartia is an advocate for body positivity and chasing your dreams.

She was in a high-profile relationship with her ex-boyfriend Josh.

Josh is an Instagram model with more than 600,000 followers. He has worked with magazines and is actively working in Australia.

Moreover, Heuston was a regular guest on Mallan’s youtube channel when they were dating.

Cartia Mallan Ex-Boyfriend Josh Heuston -Why Did They Break Up?

Cartia Mallan dated her ex-boyfriend Josh Heuston for two years before they went their separate ways.

Fans were shocked when they got the rectifications that the couple had broken up. Mallen made a 30-minute video on her youtube channel.

The Youtuber was calm while talking about it. She said she loved him very much, but the fights were getting exhausting. She was not in a good place mentally. Her issues were pulling him down.

She admitted that staying together was not the best choice and mutually decided to end their relationship.

The two have no bad blood.

Is Cartia Mallan Dating Anyone? Rumors About Her Romance With Bailey Smith

Rumor has it Cartia Mallan is in a relationship with AFL star Bailey Smith.

But the ladies from Outspoken the Postcast think it is all a publicity stunt. Their reason to thinks so is because two months ago, Smith was out with Izzy Armitage.

The pair was together for Izzy’s birthday. When the pictures of Bailey and Cartia graced the internet, everyone was shocked.

Who Is Cartia Mallan? What Does She Do?

Cartia Mallan is the daughter of Australian parents. She has an older brother named Harrison Mallan. 

Mallan is an astrology fanatic and loves to travel the world to beautiful destinations.

She is a social media influence and youtube lifestyle vlogger. She only made a mark when she did a Kylie Jenner-inspired makeup tutorial. 

Currently, her youtube subscriber count is about 400,000. 

Moreover, she is active on her video media platform and has generated a solid fanbase.

How Old Is Cartia Mallan? 

Social media star, Cartia Mallan, was born on the 28th of July, 1998, in Brisbane, Australia. She is currently 23 years old.

Her birth sign is Leo.

 Meet Cartia Mallan In Instagram

You can follow Cartia Mallan on her Instagram handle @cartiamallan and get updates about her life and career.

Here, she has a following of 534k followers, and her account is verified.