Video: Cayman Nebraska Instagram – Urban Meyer Alleged Partner Name

Video: Cayman Nebraska Instagram – Urban Meyer Alleged Partner Name

Hawk-eyed audiences may have uncovered the identity of the mystery girl from Jacksonville Jaguars coach Urban Meyer’s viral video. Her alleged name is Cayman Nebraska.

Jacksonville coach Urban Meyer woke up on the wrong side of the internet after a video of him wildly parting with a mystery girl surfaced online over the weekend. 

The video shows the NFL coach, who is obviously drunk, dancing with a college girl and also appears uncomfortably close with her.

Meyer subsequently released a statement and apologized to his family and the team for the viral video. He called his action stupid and said he should not have put himself in that kind of position. 

Curious fans have since been trying to discover the identity of the girl in the video.

Now, a second video has emerged online, which is filmed from a different angle and the viewers believe she goes by the name Cayman Nebraska.  

Video: Who Is Cayman Nebraska? Meet The Girl On Urban Meyer Viral Video On Instagram

According to HITC, Cayman Nebraska could be the girl from Urban Meyer’s viral video. 

If you have watched the second video, you probably noticed the clip is a recording of a Snapchat video, where Meyer is supposedly touching the girl.

There is a caption in the video written in the first person that says, “Someone really got a video of Urban sticking his fingers up on my a**.” 

If you look a little closer on top of the phone’s screen on the footage, there is a name: Cayman Nebraska

Nebraska posted the video on her Snapchat and her first-person caption has led viewers to believe she is the girl from the video. 

Moreover, Nebraska’s active on Instagram as @caymannenebraska. Her account has around 3,538 followers.

She has shared 324 posts so she is quite active on social media. This means she probably made her account private in the wake of the ongoing controversy. 

Cayman Nebraska Age & Height Explored

As per her Instagram bio, Cayman Nebraska, age 24, is an Ohio State alum. She is a vegetarian. 

Nebraska, who probably has a height of 5 feet 5 inches or more, works for a media group. She is currently studying at Columbus College. 

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