Cesaire McPherson Photo And Facebook Bio: Who Did John Merrill Have Affair With?

Cesaire McPherson Photo And Facebook Bio: Who Did John Merrill Have Affair With?

Cesaire McPherson and John Merrill have been photographed before. But at that time, she was introduced as a friend by John. Continue reading to get more insights on these two people and how are they related.

Cesaire McPherson, an ordinary lady, recently came on hype after her involvement with John Merill. She is a 44-year-old woman and is from Alabama.

In a recent period, Politician John admitted to having a three-year extramarital affair with her. John Merill is the 53rd secretary of state of Alabama and has been serving in the position since 2015.

Quick Facts:

Name Cesaire McPherson
Age 44
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Legal Assistant
Children 2(Gavin McPherson)
Instagram @cesairejanemcpherson
Facebook @cesaire.mcpherson

Cesaire McPherson Photo Age & Facebook Bio

We can see Cesaire McPherson’s photo with politician John Merill in John’s Facebook uploads.

John, Secretary of state of Alabama, shared a picture with Cesaire in November 2018. He mentioned her as a friend in that very post. Cesaire along with Melissa Isaak came to visit Merill at the State Capitol. 

Cesaire’s facebook bio states her to be single.

John Merrill Mistress Cesaire McPherson And Affair

The immoral affair between John Merrill with his mistress Cesaire started in November 2017. Later, their relationship took a bitter turn and lasted up to November 2020.

John Merrill enjoyed everything in his life: fame, success, family, and extramarital affair too. The 57 years old politician engaged in adultery with someone over 10 years younger than him.

However, the matter got out of hand when Cesaire released racy texts and explicit audio contents after John decided to break free from their private romantic meeting.

Mistress McPherson disclosed many details to National File including their sexual encounters as well. 

Who Exactly Is Cesaire McPherson From Alabama? 

Hailing from Montgomery, Cesaire McPherson is a legal assistant by profession.

Her full name is Cesaire Jane Rhodes McPherson.

About Cesaire’s family life, she is the mother of two children: 1 older son named Gavin and 1 younger daughter. 

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