Who Is Michael Voltaggio Wife? Everything To Know About The American Chef

Who Is  Michael Voltaggio Wife? Everything To Know About The American Chef

Micheal Voltaggio, a well-recognized American Chef, rose to fame when he won the sixth season of Top Chef, Bravo Cooking competition show. Get valuable insights into his personal life, including his wife, kids, and brother.

Micheal Voltaggio is a famous American Chef who maintains his pre-eminence with astounding culinary talents. His determination and passionate nature propel him to the spotlights. His financial background was stopping him, but his decision boosted him up. 

He doesn’t hesitate to tackle up challenges instead faces them and climbing up the stairs. His strong will towards his profession is worthy of being praised and eulogized. He didn’t let obstacles, hindrances, and criticism make a map of his dream. 

The exemplary personality never lingers or gets sidetracked by any factors. His full contemplation goes to his passion and profession. He gained notoriety and enormous followers on his social media and succeeded in becoming thousands of role models. 

Who Is Micheal Voltaggio Wife? Everything To Know About American Chef

Micheal Voltaggio was previously married to a woman named Kerry Adams. They never mentioned their marriage date and were reserved about their personal life. They used to have the purest relationship.

They had always kept their relationship under the limelight, but in the eye of the public, their relationship was great. Unfortunately, they got divorced and are living separately. The famous chef once revealed that he regrets what he did in the past.

But, the famous chef is now dating a young fashion designer named Sami Miro, who is equally renowned as him. Since his fans show their eagerness to know about his love life, he made his relationship status open to the public.

They share their pictures on social media, reflecting enormous love for each other. And people are eulogizing their relationship as they made a perfect match. 

Micheal Voltaggio Kids. 

Micheal Voltaggio had two kids with his ex-wife Kerry Adams. They were blessed with two daughters named Olivia Voltaggio and Sophia Voltaggio. Both of them are now living with their mother in Florida. 

The two daughters might have a good relationship with him, but they are never found together in a single frame. Despite the heartbreaking relationship with his wife, the public believes he has an intimate relationship with his daughters. 

He barely shares his daughter’s pictures on his social media. 


Micheal Voltaggio Brother Bryan Voltaggio. Get To Know His Family

Micheal Voltaggio and Bryan Voltaggio are siblings, and they are stardom. They share blood relationships and grew up together with their family. They used to live together with their mother until she got divorced. 

His brother is also a consummate and talented chef. Micheal won the sixth season of Top Chef, Bravo’s cooking competition reality show competing against Bryan. 

They opened STRFSH, a fast-casual fish sandwich shop in Santa Monica. Observing from different sides, they are also business partners. 





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